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This article is based on my favorite Martin Luther King, Jr. quote: "Instead of burn, baby, burn, you better earn, baby, earn!"
8 Signs on Why the Zombie Apocalypse Could Happen...BECAUSE THE BIBLE SAYS SO!
There was a time when I was served with dinner on platter by my mom after coming from work, and there is time now when I have to enter kitchen after work so that I can serve dinner to myself.
Right now I am in Redondo Beach hanging around, enjoying the sun and meditating. Strangely, this article came out of a slice of life I am experiencing. I hope it is entertaining.
It's a funny thing, but as I was thinking up this article, it came to me that some of the greatest geniuses when met on the street seemed pretty unimpressive to those who walked by them in the time they were alive. I mean, even Albert Einstein was a patent clerk, and Jesus was a carpe...
Last night, I watched an old Clint Eastwood movie called "Kelly's Heroes" about a World War II bank caper. Yes, it was a movie about a bank robbery, I do not care about what Clint Eastwood's lead character Lieutenant Tom Kelly said about it being "a private capitalist venture operatio...
Elijah was one of those people in the Bible who'd leave you both in awe at how dedicated he was to serving the Lord and shocked at just how crazy his adventures got.
King David was the greatest of Israel’s kings. The kingdom prospered in his time like it did in no other. But David still committed a sin in God’s eyes and despite how virtuous you may be, God will not hesitate to show us through the heroes of the faith that sin comes at great cos...
A list of terms that rental agencies use to advertise apartments and what they actually mean. For the love of all things good,do your research and go view the place before doing anything else.
How I got tricked into watching Spartacus: Blood and Sand.
A look at Samson's incredible dedication to screwing the Philistines over.
The story of Jephthah proves that there are some things you can't take back.
A critique of one of my favourite shows: Crossing Over with John Edward
A look at the Book of Deuteronomy and the death of Moses
God and Moses give a new take on the matter of customer service.
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