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Ever had this? Long moments of perplexity, followed by, perhaps, longer moments of embarrassment.
Instances where individuals or entities had moments of madness.
Had your mug shot taken lately? Here's an attempt to blend mystery and humor related to that experience.
Have you ever wondered about the charm and origins of pate de foie gras? Well, wonder no more - read on.
My experiences that I had as a direct sales consultant.
Today's' article is for those people who are about to undergo a extremely dangerous event. The strain put on the body from this event can lead to extremely dangerous symptoms such as heart palpitations, anxiety,nausea,vomiting,blacking out, and even death. What is this that could be...
So you've just found someone you want to impress but he/she isn't interested due to your lame job title, or maybe it is just a matter of you feeling left out when people mention their important sounding jobs but you don't know what to do. Well,fortunately for you, people have decided...
Some random reflections on our four-legged two-legged fellow creatures of this planet.
A few wacky redefinitions and takes on movie titles, actor, and such.
Human compulsive hoarding is a condition that keep people tied to Too much stuff and too many unnecessary things. "While humans are not notable for hoarding behavior, it is a common response to fear, whether fear of imminent society-wide danger or simple fear of a shortage of some goo...
There are many worthy causes that are being rightly championed by extraordinary people.Most seem to be based on the preservation of human rights and some even go to protect the prosperity of animals,and natural flora and fauna. I am here to discuss the systematic desecration of anothe...
People talk about the "crazy" society we live in. Here is an opinion and reality on that: Genuine craziness as we know it starts with a dishonesty from the basement level of consciousness or a deep dishonesty. Sanity starts admitting the real and honest truth about things. When I thin...
This is part two of fast breeders and introduces Noodles Sue and Witch-Chicken into the equation.
This is about modern living which seems not much different from times gone
in this article i gve you the reason for naming a turkey ,turkey n addition to some bonus facts
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