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Basically, Onan refuses to follow the law of the Old Covenant by refusing to birth a child with his dead brother's wife and the Good Lord decides to kill him.
"We all want to win, but who loves to train to win?" Mark Spitz, eight time Olympic Gold Medal Winner, and the guy who won gold medals after him in the Olympics wanted to party for a while before he trained some more and won more gold hardware at the most recent Olympics in Rio, Brazi...
2004 Democrat Presidential Candidate Howard Dean gets a bit too excited during a campaign rally in Iowa
A confession I wrote for my girlfriend. Sorry babe, I love you, but I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me for what I am about to say.
An opinion of an erotic fanfic that I stumbled upon that made me think about the future of the erotica genre
How one man’s refusal to trade with the Mongols inadvertently led to the end of the Islamic Golden Age.
A look at the peculiar and oddly specific laws that God had for men.
An appreciation of how easy we have things in modern day life.
Moses murders a man in cold blood, hides his body, and flees from justice.
The welcoming communities of Sodom and Gomorrah try to "acquaint" themselves with the Angels of God and Lot offers an interesting compromise.
A look back at the Great Australian Emu War of 1932
An introduction to an office job and what you can expect.
A man relapses and goes on an adventure that changes his life forever.
Ask not and it shall not be given. Ask and it shall be given. Sure, that sounds rather "holy" or something, but is that not the reality of life. Ultimately, we all get what we ask for, and allow what we do not ask for. This is what makes reality a double edged sword which cuts all way...
History has always been a great teacher as it offers the opportunity of hindsight so that future generations can avoid repeating past failures. One only needs to look at the Battle of Karansebes for proof that drinking on the job is not advisable.
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