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Some would say "take it too seriously and die". Some would say "do not take it seriously enough and get killed. My personal point of view is "God and good have rigged everything, so, it is best to understand that God is the 'casino house' and the genuine devil is the dinner and the fl...
Jack Diamond, my date, a Big Mac, my horror. You do the math.
A time when I wanted to surprise someone and things all went to hell...
The day I almost accidentally became a sexual predator.
A eulogy I wrote in honor of my cat, "Mr" Jack Diamond
The time I went for my first ever STD check at the local hospital.
When life gives you much more than what you expect from it and suddenly snatches it back, it hasn't got to always be sad, sometimes its just funny. :D
This is a funny story about a telephonic conversation between a man and a woman.
A look at the lighter side of false rape allegations, on both side of the Atlantic.
The time I went to a memorial service and messed up.
When in India, anything can be repaired, but you must learn the proper rituals to follow when you go to a service shop,
I am a wife, I am a mother, I am a Christian. Serving God and others. How many husbands calls their wife Old Lady. T
Never a dull moment on Indian roads - here's a snapshot look-see at this fascinating world.
Train travel in India - expect the unexpected! Yet, it does provide for its own brand of on-board entertainment.
Life is a series of choices. If you are happy, that is your choice. If you are miserable, that also is your choice. Happiness is within our reach.
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