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Funny Anniversary Quotes, Wishes and Messages For Wife, Husband, Mom and Dad
Funny crazy things about Las Vegas. There are many crazy things about Vegas and I'm not done yet with just one post, you will get more
This article discusses about dirty minded people. Not only the reasons they are around, but also the ways it spread.
Top stories that are making the headlines of today.
Real life experience of me and my friend on our way back from school
Have you ever seen or heard about some product that you think should have never been made?, I bet you have, well, here are some I think are just inappropriate.
This article is about humour therapy and teaching you about humour in terms of humour therapy.
Collected some of the Chuck Norris jokes on the internet and piled them here.
There are lots of kinds of different pranks but there was a new spreading prank and videos of it are all around the internet world.
(1) Read a very interesting conversation between Ghost and Gentleman working in Dubai. Gentleman's wife was staying in Mumbai. (2) Read about newly married couple sitting in garden, busy in love talks...
There are many happy things that happen in our lives and they are not forgotten.The circumstance of fun and happiness might be repeated at the different time and place.When there is something funny, we are carried by the fun.Our heart also likes fun and it keeps on pumping and splashi...
a man get a very strange msg on his mobile saying that he is using his wife,
Some animals tend to know their own kind and characteristics. While may be a bit confused as to what they are. There are dogs that cluck, birds that growl but have yu ever head a cat bark?
Here is a comical look at the World's Most Popular Music Star. A humorous spin.
Here is a comical look at the Texas Governor who might be our next President. A few jokes before the campaign.
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