more jokes joke of the day ( the 7 dwarfs )

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hi wanna laugh check out these jokes really funny hope you enjoy

joke of the day ( the 7 dwarfs )

Jokes Irishman, Aussie and scouser in a bar, they spot Jesus sat on his own. They each send him a. drink & Jesus sups each pint slowly. When he's finished he walks over 2 the Irishman, shakes his hand & thanks him for the Guinness. "Blimey" sees the Irishman, "my arthritis has gone". Jesus then thanks the Aussie for the fosters. "Crikey" he say’s. "Me bad backs cured". Jesus approaches the scouser who runs away screaming "F**K OFF, I'M ON DISABILITY"!

A bloke bursting for the loo uses ladies in posh hotel. He sits down & notices 4 buttons:
1. WW
2. WA
3. PP
4. ATR
Curious, he presses WW & is gently sprayed with warm water, then WA & a blast of warm air dries him. PP & a powder puff which left him smelling fresh. Feeling pampered he presses ATR.
He wakes up in hospital & asks the nurse "what the f**k happened?" She says "ATR means Automatic Tampon Remover; your cock is under your pillow!"

7 dwarfs went to meet the Pope. "Go on Dopey ask him" chanted the other 6. "OK" said Dopey "Sir is there nuns in Alaska?” "Yes there are" said the Pope. "Go on Dopey ask him" urged the other 6. "OK" said Dopey, "Sir is there black nuns in Alaska?” "Yes there are" said the Pope. "Go on Dopey ask him “Dopey blushed "Are there midget black nuns in Alaska?". "No I don't think so" said the Pope. All 6 leaped up shouting "Dopey shagged a penguin!


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18th Apr 2011 (#)

Funny. Thank you for sharing.:)

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