'eraser & pencil': Comedy Without Intelligence, Crazy Funny!

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For those of you who are willing to have little intelligence of being harassed, yet thirsty for a show full of jokes, 'Erase & Pencil' is the right choice. Gratitude after watching this movie, you also will get the idea of who the candidate for the Governor of Jakarta should you choose on Election.

'eraser & pencil': Comedy Without Intelligence, Crazy Funny!

Single comedian, (now) actor, screenwriter, and film director Ernest Prakasa has reaped a good reputation in the Indonesian film scene. His film debut as a director; 'Ngenest' (2015), followed by the next movie 'Check Shop Next' (2016) shocked many parties, because how not, successively film dibesut at once dibintanginya get remarkable appreciation, both from critics and from audience audiences.

After 'Check Shop Next' we are curious what movie he will make next. However, while waiting for that to happen, now comes the movie 'Stip & Pencil'.

The film is not his newest work as a director, but in addition to being a star, he also co-wrote his script - jokes with Joko Anwar ('Janji Joni', 'Kala') and Beno Raja Gukguk ('Warkop DKI Reborn: Boss Cricket! Part 1' ). Through 'Ngenest' and 'Check Out Shop Next' we know that Ernest is not only good at jest but he is also a topnotch writer who is able to capture social phenomena around him, then he summarizes for later reconstructed into film stories, and so far both films Whose script he managed to capture contemporary social phenomena in urban level to what Asrul Sani achieved in his day.

One of the best Indonesian filmmakers, Joko Anwar, was involved in writing the script 'Stip & Pencil' directed by Ardy Octaviand ('3 Dara', 'Chocolate Strawberries'), the taste with a series of promising names is not possible when the film is going Ends bad is not it?

Syahdan, the movie opened through the scene of the school drama, unknown the drama is about what story, but the story raised seems boring; Many audiences are jazzed overslept. Then came Toni (Ernest Prakasa) with his friends Segeng, Aghi (debut Ardit Erwandha), Bubu (Tatjana Saphira, 'Get M4rried', 'Land of Van Oranje'), and Saras (Indah Permatasari, 'Athirah', 'Pesantren Impian') Who then plowed the stage, then made his own show by singing and dancing.

The audience awoke from sleep, and as if commandeered by a floor director of TV shows, they were shouting and joining the gallop. Yes, tacky! And ridiculous.

Toni, Aghi, Bubu, and Saras are told to be the children of the richest people in their school. And, of course (must) have an enemy, namely Edwin (Rangga Azof) which is actually the same songongnya.

Briefly, Ernest Prakasa as a high school kid? Unless this film has a special effects crew that can change the look of Ernest to ABG a dozen years, it will not matter. However, in Ernest's film looks so round, not fat, but rounded by age plus the lack of exercise,

His appearance is not as convincing as a high school kid. Even his friends and the characters of his enemies are also played by the aged actors to appear as ABG. 'There's Love in High School' by Patrick Effendy should be a reference in terms of casting players.


Comedy Without Intelligence, Crazy Funny

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