World Porridge Making Championships and World Porridge Day

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My trip "Up North" to the land of the Haggis, Kilts Cabers and the World Porridge Making Championships

Let's face it, we British are totally bonkers, But then that's what makes us special

We British are well known for our strange and bizarre pastimes,
including many quirky traditions such as the

  • The World Coal Carrying Championships, this involves men carrying a 50kg bag on coal for one mile, no mean feat this, Woman also take part in this gruelling test of stamina, the woman travel the same distant but with a lighter load 20kg
  • Then there’s the “World Nettle-Eating Championships”
  • yes you heard me right! The contestants have to eat as many nettle leaves as possible in an hour, now I know nettles are good for you, but this is taking it too far lol.
  • Another weird and wonderful event is the “World Bog Snorkeling Championships” this is held in the “Waen Rhydd Bog”, Llanwrtyd Wells, Powys, in Wales, the main aim of this crazy happening is to swim two lengths of the peat trench, armed only with flippers, goggles a snorkel oh and a pair of swimming trunks.

But this year I thought I would take a look at another marvellous adventure up in Scotland, 16 competitors,equipped with Spurtles (This is a Scots kitchen tool, used mainly to stir porridge, It used to be flatter and rounder to flip oatcakes on a hot girdle, that's what the Scots call a griddle) however I digress, along with their Spurtles they also have Oatmeal, salt and water.

Competitors hundreds of spectators and me from all over the world will be making yet another attempt to grab the:-

  • "World Porridge Making Championships in Carrbridge Scotland, linked to the World Porridge Day which is held on the 10th of the 10th each year.
  • It's a plain and simple exercise to determine just who can make the best porridge, porridge as you will know, is not a new food it’s eaten by countless people, in numerous countries throughout the world, it is a traditional and common food in most of the English speaking counties and also enjoyed in Germany and the Scandinavian countries

It's not just "The mighty Oak", that stands proud, it's also "The mighty Oat"

Oats are a fantastic food, full to the brim with good stuff for you as well as claiming to take the road to better sex (I haven't tried it yet) its reckoned to increase your Intelligent, help you live longer, lower your cholesterol and on top of all that it helps you to loose weight., its one of those foods that are slow releasing so you don't feel hungry for longer, if you know what I mean.

Traces of oat porridge has even been found in the stomachs of Neolithic bog bodies found in Norway the bodies were some 5,000 year old (Maybe they had a hearty meal of porridge before the entered the Bog Snorkelling Championships)

"Someone's been eating my porridge," growled the Papa bear. "Someone's been eating my porridge," said the Mama bear. "Someone's been eating my porridge and they ate it all up!" cried the Baby bear.

Past years winners of this porridge making competition were

  • 2009 Mathew Cox from Milwaukie, Oregon
  • 2010 Neal Robertson, owner of the Tannochbrae Tearoom Scotland
  • 2011 John Boa from Edinburgh

And this year an Englishman has taken the title, he was Benedict Horsbrugh with the Speciality Trophy going to Laurie Figone, USA, the People’s Choice Award (New for 2012) was John Boa, last years winner.

So! if you fancy having a go at taking the title of "The golden spurtle" here are "The rules" and a recipe.

This is the winning 2012 recipe Specialty Trophy Winner by Laurie Figone c/o Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods, Inc.

So ended a very enjoyable day out in the land of porridge, for those of you that might be interested in entering next year’s competition here are the Rules:

  1. The World Porridge Making Championship title will be awarded to the competitor producing the best traditional porridge, made from oatmeal .
  2. The traditional porridge must be made with untreated oatmeal and not with oat flakes and with only water and salt. The judges will be strict on these rules.
  3. Each competitor is required to produce at least 1 pint of porridge which is to be divided into 3 portions for the judges to taste.
  4. Judging of the porridge will be made on the consistency, taste and colour of the porridge.
  5. A further award will be made for the best specialty porridge made with oatmeal which can have other ingredients added. This porridge should be made and presented at the same time as the traditional porridge.
  6. For the specialty porridge, the blending and harmony of the porridge with the other ingredients will be the criteria used

Let me know if you intend to enter and I will come along and cheer you on.

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author avatar David Reinstein,LCSW
14th Oct 2012 (#)

Please, sir.... More porridge, please!...

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author avatar johnnydod
14th Oct 2012 (#)

'What!' said the master at length, in a faint voice.
'Please, sir,' replied Oliver, 'I want some more.'

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
14th Oct 2012 (#)

My llama loves nettles! You're right you Brits are a bit bonkers.
Mind you both my wife and I have porridge (we call it oatmeal) for breakfast every morning, especially on the cold days.

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author avatar johnnydod
14th Oct 2012 (#)

Take note of what it can do for you Mark..... I eat a lot of porridge..., my grandfather was Scottish and we always had it with salt.

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author avatar C.T. Aretz
14th Oct 2012 (#)

I like porridge... Don't know if I could win a contest making it though. Lol at the youtube video.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
15th Oct 2012 (#)

Enjoyed this rather unique post, Johnnydod - siva

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
15th Oct 2012 (#)

Well they do say Oats is what horses eat in England and Scotsmen in Scotland to get the ultimate horse power.
Well that said you also have Braveheart in William Wallace who fights for freedom and Sir Toby Belch who drinks too much with Andrew Agucheeki. The British are known for the drinking habits apart from the Stiff upper lip diplomat style of communication.
BTW,accents tell you the class you belong to in the UK while the porridge just shows the working class segregation and who really ate who and when.
The English were never friends of the Scottish who were blunt and the latter had the bride price of the English signatory using the newly wed bride first before giving her to her husband. It was the refusal to follow this tradition that led to the death of Sir William Wallace' bride and the start of a revolution that kept certain traditions of their being alive.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
15th Oct 2012 (#)

His Bride is the one he saw as he breathed his last and the face of serenity was revealed as he let go of his bloodstained handkerchief as they castrated him. But it brought them their freedom as many took up the sword to fight the evil customs and traditions leaving the fun ones behind including the bag pipes and Scottish kilts held down by a bag of stones and no underwear.

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author avatar Judy Ellen
21st Oct 2012 (#)

Absolutely Precious!! I love the British!! They are so adorably old worldish, and, I especially love their accent!! Wish I could move to England!! After US goes down, and, if we are still alive we will move to where we came from in the first place! LOL

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