Why are people dirty minded?

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This article discusses about dirty minded people. Not only the reasons they are around, but also the ways it spread.

How a dirty joke works.

You may have said a phrase that was 100% innocent, but wasn't innocent at all the second one person said "That's what she said!" You may laugh along at the joke, or just get really annoyed about it. But, this joke is all by the power of a dirty mind. Some people don't have a bad dirty mind, but some are to the point where anything can seem dirty, which really doesn't make sense. But, how in the world did they even start being dirty-minded in the first place. I always have wondered why people become dirty minded, so I have been studying and being around more groups to figure out why. So for now, I have compiled many of these reasons for people being dirty-minded. Besides, there are so many dirty-minded people, it won't be long until everyone starts thinking weird. Also, one of the reasons are...

They heard of dirty jokes somewhere.

One thing is that when you are making a meme, it will explode once people keep using it. Therefore, when people are dirty minded, people explain to them what sounds really dirty. There are times when people just don't say "That's what she said!", but usually just gives out a hint, such as "Ooh", or many more ways someone can alert you that you said something weird. This can really make conversation awkward, worse even for the opposite gender. So when people actually love these jokes, they then start to use them. This also can get other people that aren't dirty minded, so you can easily say that is a disease. However, dirty jokes seem to be funny at first, but then they start to dull out and some people actually stop using them. However, they are still dirty minded.

Trembled upon a dirty site

Lets be honest, we all have went into a website that was absolutely disgusting by accident. You can always thank the members of the internet tricking us into a disturbing link. Also, hanging out with dirty people, you may search up certain terms on what would be vital in a "That's what she said" sentence. This is the same way on how LOL and OMG were known by almost everyone on the Internet. And as of now, I am still searching up terms that I find around the internet. I had once searched up a term that had to deal with disturbing things, by using Google, a website already popped up! I already know what it is now, and I kind of wish that I never searched it. So I would definitely warn everyone to make sure to avoid anything that seems weird/suspicious. If your so curious, you can ask someone else if the website is bad/good. Also, I believe that's all the reasons I know. But then...

Is it actually necessary?

It isn't even necessary at all. Some people literally just use these cheap jokes when they can't find something funny. Back then, I believe that not many people were actually making dirty jokes, probably because I haven't met new people. But one thing that I know is, dirty jokes are literally just jokes that a amateur jester would use. (I am not talking about a medieval jester.) But there is some good news, that dirty jokes- for me, are coming around less frequently. Because jokes like Deez Nuts and 21 are now taking over. But of course, Deez Nuts is still a cheap dirty joke, but I actually find it a tad bit more amusing than "That's what she said". Soon enough, maybe dirty jokes will be found less funny, but of course you need another meme to take out a meme.

Is there a way to stop it?

If you can make a meme where it really defeats dirty jokes, then you are literally a hero that just saved the day. I am already fed up with all the dirty jokes, because some people abuse them to the point where it is not amusing. So far now, we are now losing originality with our jokes, and then people make preset jokes, where we can spam them as many times every time someone says something. Yo Mama jokes were one of the first that I have heard of as a joke, and that actually required creativity. People still use them, but can't we find something else that can be as funny as Yo Momma, and not as annoying as "That's what she said?" If you, reader made a meme that was even funnier, I will have to say it again, you WILL be my hero.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
6th Jun 2015 (#)

One should know the audience - just for a laugh without hurting the sentiments to spice up the conversation is okay - of course, there are limits - siva

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author avatar peachpurple
23rd Jul 2015 (#)

people like dirty jokes just to lighten up and relieve stress

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author avatar SaigonDeManila
3rd Jun 2016 (#)


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