Who Kares or loosing brain cells

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my take on our current celebrity obession and other points that pop in my head

Who Kares or loosing brain cells

Ok, let's all admitt it, we scan the headlines of the glossy entertainment magazines, perhaps even buy a few. Sometimes we scroll through the bits and pieces of celebrity gossip and or scandal litering the internet. Stop and stare, wait for the latest not necessarily greatest exploits of our rich- wanna be famous- pop stars- actors -atheletes and royals.
Case in point just before baby prince George, Kim and what's his name. Who is she and why did the world seem to kare? Yes, pun intended. Seriously, is she or they worthy of all the noise, and countless magazine covers? And it was perfectly legal to name the poor infant North. What am I missing.? Obviously not much if I am able to recall these details. I disappoint myself, and hear percious brain cells drip, like melting ice cream in a Midwest summer. Further signs of brain cell loss was Rob and Remy, an off shoot of WE tv's Bridezilla Marriage Bootcamp. Yeah, I watched it, saw their Bridezilla episode too. What can I say sometimes we all need a little train wreck action. And no there was not much else on that caught my interest. The spoiled brat is pregnant, with twins! How too such vain self centered people are going to pull this off should be interesting. But I may never know. During the premiere episode they found out the sex of their two unborn bundles of joy. Girls! Karma Rob just Karma. The hook here is that Rob and his family are apparently just once removed from cavemen. They wanted only boys. His parents actually stormed out of the gender reveal party when the pink balloons floated out of the box. I want to hope it was all just a performance for the cameras,if not, Remy please think about a restraining order. Really, in 2013 this is their reaction to two grandchildren? I think I smelled the smoke coming out of my ears. I really miss Greys Anatomy and Scandal right now.
In case you are wondering I will not repeat, will not, can not bring my self to watch Honey Boo Boo! Test patterns and infomercials are probably more entertaining and serve some purpose.
I think I'm better now. Yeah, definately feeling cleaner fresher air flowing. So on that happy note, I'll just step over my pile of People and close.


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6th Aug 2013 (#)

Things like that are why I stay away from TV lol. Liked your "like melting ice cream in a Midwest summer."

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