Who Do You Believe is the Stronger Sex?

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This is another one of my poems that explores the subject of who is the stronger sex. As a female, I fervently believe that women possess an innate strength that can never be matched by a man. I used humour in this poem, as this topic should always be discussed with an open mind.

What If?

What if I wake up tomorrow, to find that men were now the stronger sex?
Let me tell you, that as a woman, I would NOT be happy, I would be seriously vex!

What if men had wombs and ovaries and we women had to rely on men to give birth to the next generation?

What if men found out for themselves that period pains and PMT had never been figments of women’s imaginations?

How many births would any man be willing to go through, before shouting, I’m not going through that bleeding pain again?

What if women develop ‘woman flu’ at the first sniffle and find that they are unable to tolerate the merest hint of pain?

What if women were to become the weaker sex, but patently, as a woman, it is hard for me to imagine such a reality

What if men were in charge of birth control, can you imagine them remembering to take the pill, or would sterilisation become normality?

What if men were the stronger sex, would we all have to be afraid for the continuation of humanity?

Because, if men were the stronger sex, I believe that the next creature to be extinct would be us humans you see!


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