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The title says it all! If you've entered this page looking to have a nice and quiet read, GET OUT! And that's putting it as politely as possible! My purpose of opening this page would be defeated if you read through this page unscathed, without any guffaws. I've tried to make it as different and tickling as possible, so if you feel you're actually reading normal stuff, you have a good reason to be worried!

My First Article

When I saw the lone green man trailing behind a couple of dozen other shorter blue men in my Nutpoint Report, (simply put, you get Nutpoints for writing articles in WikiNut and I hadn’t written any till now, but never mind.) then started this churning feeling in my stomach as I put my finger on the ‘W’ key to start writing my first article. Whenever I begin to write something, my finger gets dragged to ‘W’. (Like in this sentence) Why ‘W’ appeals so much to me, I’m yet to fathom, but I chose not to resist the urge. (Okay, now you must be starting to get annoyed seeing ‘W’s scattered everywhere! I’ll stop :D)

As a kid, I had always questioned my dad as to why the first letter of the front-page article of a newspaper was always bigger than the rest. Fifteen years later, the poor man is yet to give a satisfactory answer which is partly why I took to writing articles with the strange desire that one day, my article would get published in that fashion. Strange reason to start writing, but who cares, I’m writing now and that is what matters. :)

To me, writing an article has always been like starting my dad’s two-decade-old scooter every morning. Takes an age to start, but when it does, rides smoothly until the next time you put your foot on the kick-starter. But sometimes though, it takes so much time and thinking to convince myself that what I’m going to write is not stupid/outrageous, but my articles still end up exactly how I wanted them NOT to be. :\ I guess those kind of articles are not destined to see the light of the day after all. I really hope I’m not making that mistake by publishing this one and that too, under the ‘Humour’ category. :S

If you’re wondering what you’re doing reading a narcissistic piece written by a boy at the twilight of his teens, please be patient and read on. You came this far, it wouldn’t hurt you to go a bit further. ;) As you would’ve realized by now, content is not exactly my forte. But I can assure you that the coming posts would give as many reasons to read them as this post gives you, to swear at me for wasting your time. I wouldn’t blame you though, because I’ve pained you enough with a horde of ‘W’s, excessive use of smileys, and references to my father for you to kick my rear. But what is important is that the churning feeling in my stomach with which I started, has now subsided and I’ve come to the end of my first post without even realizing it.

I really hope writing articles would be as simple as this, but of course I’ll know the answer only when I put my finger to type the first letter of my second article, which for your sake I sincerely hope is not a ‘W’! :D


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author avatar Asif Mughal
5th Jun 2012 (#)

Good article to motivate and inspire a person like me. Great work

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author avatar Anahita
5th Jun 2012 (#)

I really like this! :D It's very well written, and I can't wait to read more!

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author avatar Denise O
20th Jun 2012 (#)

I find it hilarious, I love sarcastic humour. My only suggestion is, maybe wait and hit them with the 'in the face' approach, until you get them to read your page. Meaning, ease them in and then hit them with it all. I find the content to be well thought out and entertaining. If I was just a reader and not a co-writer of yours and I knew I was not already following you, as I saw your page on the front page today, I might have just 'Get out", before I got in. But good start. Welcome to wikinut. Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Rocket Raja
20th Jun 2012 (#)

Thanks a lot Denise, Yes. I shall keep that in mind. Thanks for the suggestion :)

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