Ways of Getting Revenge on Your Boss or Co-Worker

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These are some humorous ways to get revenge on your boss or co-workers. Make sure to not get caught doing these as it might end up costing you your job.

Get that Revenge Today

How many times have you gone to work and had to deal with that jerk boss? Let's face it; almost everybody has that one person above them that does not have people skills and should not be in the position they are in. Below are several ways to get even with your boss for making your life miserable at work. Please remember that all of these things are do at your own risk--I cannot be responsible for your employment status.

1. Send your boss repeated emails over 100's of times. Best way to do this is to look for the settings in your email account and look for send email every so many minutes/seconds. You might also have the option of sending how many copies you want. I actually did this one and sent my boss around 130 or so emails with just the word "safety". Needless to say he was not too pleased.

2. Take out all of the ink in every one of your bosses pens and remove all markers and pencils. Also remove any notebooks or blank paper. Best thing to do is just leave several empty notebooks in the office with absolutely no paper. You can also remove all printing ribbons from any copiers.

3. Send repeated faxes to his attention about acquiring people skills. Make sure you do not have your name anyway on these.

4. This one can be tricky but is hilarious if you can pull it off. Have someone deliver crickets, ants or grasshoppers to your workplace and have them say that these are to be given to your boss because of a death and he is in the will to have ownership.

5. This one can be very cruel but grab a picture of your boss and then superimpose it on a very nasty or ugly picture and then open a facebook or myspace account.

6. Change the mouse settings on his computer. This one is very common in people changing the settings from right to left hand under the mouse options but you can also do trails, slow down the arrows or really speed it up. I have done this one a few times. I even went so far as to remove some keys from his keyboard but I ended up actually breaking it--I wouldn't recommend doing this.

Common tricks:
1. ignore them. Just don't say anything at all to them and see how long it takes them to get really pissed off.

2. Tell them how you really feel but do it in a politically incorrect manner to really set them off.

3. Keep calling their phone extension and then hang up or just lay your phone down and don't hang it up.

4. Tell them an important meeting is taking place when nothing is going on.

5. Tell them that numerous associates have gone to HR concerning his behavior and have them report to HR when nothing actually has happened.

So, go ahead and try some of these yourself or come up with a brand new revenge tactic. The point is to get even with your jerkoff boss. You should always try to get revenge or at least even the score when you can. Always, remember to use your head though as your job could be jeopardized when doing this.


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