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You probably already know some of these games but check them out, you might not know them all.

The article

Hello! I'm here to waste your ti... no wait. No here's the deal:

- I'm here to tell you how to waste your time. In a cool and exiting way!

So I made a top 10:

Lets start from the bottom..
Number 10

The Falling Sand Game

This game is a game where different particles including sand and water if walling down.

You can play and do a lot of funny things with this. You should really try it!
Number 9

Not Pr0n

This game is for the smart ones. You start in front of a door and you has to do everything possible to get in. You can click on the screen or go to other web-pages to get help. It's hard to describe. Just try it! =)
Number 8


This game is one of my favorites when bored. You put words together on a big blank square. People can steal your words and you can steal their. Its so simple that It's funny! Seriously - Try this out!
Number 7


This game it pretty funny. It's a little bit like Not Pr0n, but just more twisted and screwed up. I really like this game course there's so many levels. In this game you has to get further and further in the world. There's hidden buttons and hidden ways to do this and that. Try it out if you've got the time for it. I think it's funny.
Number 6

Samorost 2

If you liked Samorost and if you even completed it i strongly recommend you to try the second Samorost game. This is pretty much the same. Just new and exiting levels. Enjoy :)
Number 5

Subservient Chicken

I think Subservient chicken is pretty funny. You can write what you want it to do, and most of the stuff is actually done. The person who made this has been doing a lot of work filming himself doing all this crazy stuff so if you're interested in choosing a guy in a chickensuit's actions: Here you go!
Number 4

Stuff On My Cat

If you like those funny cat-pictures then this is something for you. StuffOnMyCat is a web-page where people upload pictures of their cats with hats and funny stuff around them, and on their heads. Nice to see that people still have fun with their cats. Hah!
Number 3


Remember when you had a thing that could draw these kind of paintings? I had one when i was a little boy. This web-page lets you customize and chose exactly how your figure should look. You can chose color, circle radius & much more. Try it if you've got some time to kill.
Number 2
Soda Constructor

This is actually a pretty crazy game. I'm surprised that its free. Anyway i think its a pretty cool game course you get to create your own thing. This could ne a man, a spider or anything else out of lines. You can afterwards make these lines move as you want and make a spider walk as a spider. This might not sound crazy and cool but when you try it anf figure out how it works you'll never go away from the screen. This is a must-try-before-you-die! :P
Number 1

SymmetryLab !

So there you go! Number 1 coolest thing to do when you're bored or feel like wasting time. This game is names SymmetryLab and is a bit like Soda constructor. You choose parts to move in different ways and gets it all go move at the same time in a cool way. This will look cool and you .. Argh. Its so hard to describe this game. Seriously try this out. There's a reason its on top 10 right? ;)

Well that was it. I hope you enjoyed my little top 10.

Be aware - for some of these games doesn't let go of you when you've first started!


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author avatar Denise O
22nd Oct 2010 (#)

Nothing like a guy, in a chicken suit. I tell ya.LOL
Thank you for sharing.:)

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31st Oct 2010 (#)

oh very nice. . . nicely written and very home article. thanks for sharing this article with me

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