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A smell reminds me of an incident from my apprenticeship. A salutary lesson.


Memory is a funny thing, smells, just the briefest of whiffs, and you can be transported through time or space.
I suppose for me it was a mixture of oil, petrol, decaying brickwork, and a general air of dampness that came together to re-form a concoction from the past. I was an apprentice once more, with black hands,and broken grubby nails; wearing a greasy brown overall that could stand up on its own, with lanky hair wrestled under an old woolen hat.

The Incident

The Mechanic that I worked under at the time, had gone to bring in a vehicle that we had worked on previously. Kevin was his name; but often referred to as “Troll” by us apprentices, though this was more endearment than insult, we would not use it to his face.

The Ford ‘D’ series tractor unit started with a roar, smoke billowed from beneath its squat features. Within the cavernous animal, the Troll ignored the incessant scream of a brake warning buzzer.
He threw the monster into first gear, and slipped his foot off the clutch. Released from its cage, the great beast shot forward leaping through the garage door towards a line of benches.
Realising his mistake too late, we watched as he frantically pumped the footbrake, then braced himself for the inevitable impact.

Fortunately for the Troll, this particular line of benches were placid and comfortable; set in their ways, they neither had the inclination or ability to jump out of the way. With the the sound of splintering wood , screaming metal and screaming Troll, the tractor unit came to rest, shuddered and died.

The Troll, tumbled on to the floor, shaking and shocked but otherwise unharmed.

As for me, oh I got a new bench and a bright shiny new tool box, as for the Troll I do believe he became very fastidious about listening to warning buzzers.


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author avatar Joseph cox
7th May 2012 (#)

A warning buzzer is like an alarm clock, it should wake you up. enjoyed

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author avatar vpaulose
7th May 2012 (#)

Thank you dear Lateral.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
17th May 2012 (#)

Hilarious - wise to heed a warning buzzer. Is it not there for a reason? siva

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