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Dear Wikinuts,
I'm new at this...but you've encouraged me with your kind comments. And now you have created a monster: all week I have been vomiting poems!
I tried different things...how about some votes and critique? Which poem do you like best (and why, if you care to share) and which leaves you cold (and why, if you care to share)? Come on, exercise your Inner Literary Critic!

Poet's curse

Against my nature I'm fighting
But now, my nature is biting
No longer in doubt
It's gotta get out
It bursts from my heart in such writing.

Be it a blessing or curse
I'm compelled to write in verse
Even when funny
Poets don't make money
Though as curses go, it could be worse.

Rain - Froggy - Junko

Soft sad drops
Soggy mops
Wet roof tops
Empty shops
Happy crops

Froggy is happy. How about you?
Froggy can jump. You can, too!
Froggy says "Swim! In my pond so blue"
Froggy says "Kiss me!" ..... What will you do?

Shining hair and smiling eyes
Always positive, sincere
Junko is my friend.

Evening in a Brussels Pub

They all gather at the bar
One alone on his PC
Two guys talking and watching me
I am sitting all alone
I'm the only anglophone
In this crowd so francophone
It's mostly men
But just one lady
She is just sitting there thinking.


Place Ch√Ętelain
Sans mon copain
Une Leffe noie
Mon triste refrain

Ch√Ętelain Square
Without my boyfriend
A Leffe (beer) drowns
My sad refrain

FB conversation about Baggage

Her: Everyone has baggage. Some carry it around stuffed in Dollar Store trash bags, others have it neatly packed away in Samsonite.

Me: I try to keep mine in a super-swivel rolly compact thingy so it doesn't slow me down...and if I want to I can still pick it up and hit people with it. Hey, what rhymes with baggage?
Everyone has baggage
To carry their life's damage
It weighs them down
And makes them frown
And leads to general saggage

Her (rising to the challenge):
The baggage of life
We get through strife
We store and pack it
But we never lack it


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author avatar Linda Quest
Born in the US, I lived in Europe for 28 years before returning home. Currently in Norfolk, Virginia. I teach, research and write about management, but use these pages for play!

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author avatar johnnydod
20th Jan 2012 (#)

Well I think "Rain" is brilliant, but I must admit I found "Froggy" so sweet lol
Keep spewing them out Linda

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author avatar Linda Quest
20th Jan 2012 (#)

Oh thank you Johnny. I really like short poems but Wikinuts word count requirement doesn't...

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author avatar Delicia Powers
20th Jan 2012 (#)

very clever and fresh,a very warm welcome my friend:0)

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author avatar Denise O
20th Jan 2012 (#)

I like them all and the title...makes curious folks just have to check you out. Well done. Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Rathnashikamani
20th Jan 2012 (#)

Hi Linda Quest,

My hearty welcome to you to Wikinut.

I enjoyed reading every line of your poetry.

Here's what I have to say:

"Poet's curse" is a reality!

"Rain" is a celebration of delight.

"FROGY" is a wonderful poetic imagination.

Haiku for "JUNKO" is an appreciation with a positive attitude.

"Evening in a Brussels Pub' is a kind of self-analysis and comaprison with the gathering.

"Seule" is a funny expression of knowing different lingos, though feeling alone, inspite of having the knowledge of more than one's own mother tongue.

The "Baggage" thing carries a subtle message that every one has a their own body as a baggage, which over a period of time 'leads to saggage' getting through the strife of life as we 'never lack' in 'pack'ing it again and again!

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author avatar Melissa Dawn
20th Jan 2012 (#)

Hi Linda and welcome! Loved the variety of your work and looking forward to reading more!

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
22nd Jan 2012 (#)

Each is unique and such variety, including in French! Great work, Linda. It is tough to choose, really! siva

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author avatar ittech
24th Jan 2012 (#)

Rather fascinating information.

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author avatar Legend
2nd Dec 2012 (#)

I loved them!
My response to the last baggage would be...
Baggage of life is gained through deeds.
If but one would advice heeds,
Those deeds should be deed so nice
and not necessarily deeds of strife...

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