Vampires! Are they REAL???

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Vampires are hot. They suck blood. They are rich. They are cool. They have super-powers. They are bad-asses. But the question is, do they really exist?

Vampires! Lies or Fact?

Sarah turned to look at the mysterious man behind her. Their eyes met and she blushed. Sarah couldn't deny his presence. The man was handsome, devilishly charming for his own good. Sarah looked around and found out that she was alone with the handsome man. She tried to walk away but something about the man made her unable to walk. She couldn't turn her head from the man's eyes. The man grinned and slowly walked toward her. She gulped. He stood 1m from her and studied her from head to toe. Then, his grin widened. He leaned toward Sarah for a kiss. Sarah wanted to resist but she couldn't. In fact, she craved for it. Her knees went weak. His kiss was incredible. And it was her first kiss too. Then, slowly the man went for her neck. Sarah shuddered as it excited her even more.

The scene after this was *censored* due to it's violence nature involving blood and a bite.

Now that we had a glimpse of what a vampire is, let's talk a bit about it. By the way, the mysterious man was the vampire.

Vampires had existed since ancient times. Movies and book have been promoting them over decades of years. Vampires are usually a very good seducer. They are sexy, they are cool and they love to make a juice out of human blood. They can jump higher than Superman and crawl faster than Spiderman. Bullets don't affect them. They hate garlic because it's smelly. And they run like hell when they saw cross. They hate sunlights because it's bad for their skin (in some cases, they sparkle when sunlight hit them).

But do Vampires exist? Or is it just another work of fiction?

The answer for that question is, No and Yes.

No, vampires do not exist. And yes, they are full of cr*p.

Let's think for a moment. If vampires really exist, why no one ever sighted one before? Of course, vampires only walk at the night. But there are also plenty of human beings who love to act in the night. And it's believed that people who get bitten by a vampire will turn into an undead vampire themself. If that's true, why there are still human beings living happily on this planet Earth. And about the garlic-hating part, I myself hate garlic. Am I a vampire? Nope, because I prefer sucking on baby bottles rather than on peoples' blood.

Enough said, now that we know vampires don't exist, let's re-phrase the story from above.

Sarah turned to look at the mysterious man behind her. Their eyes locked for a second. Sarah spit at his face and walked away.



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author avatar johnnydod
11th Oct 2012 (#)

Scary or not? good to see another side of your writing John

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author avatar Denise O
14th Oct 2012 (#)

Love it and I like the alternative ending by the way. Thank you for sharing.:)

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