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This is just a humorous article about vacation or leisure time management activity. It tells you some good points as points out some absurd ones too…for those of you who are open to the funnier side of life. Gardening or travel catching and pinning butterflies or pretending to catch fish with your toes while planning the next big earth shattering event, these vacation or leisure time management activity need careful planning and execution.

Importance of good activity and leisure planning

For those who have retired or have plenty of time on their hands, the problem of time management may seem humungous. Vacation or leisure time needs good planning. If you want to travel, make sure your visits are fruitful. All vacation or leisure time management activity begins with number one – you. Be it a family vacation or swinging around in the garden chair on your own, the best time management plan will make your activity more useful. Here are some ideas for vacation or leisure time management activity you could begin with for starters.

Idle activity

1. Checking out the furniture: Do this early in the morning. As soon as you get up go to the front room or the living room and count all the furniture there. Try to remember if all the pieces are in place. My cat often does this. Once or twice when mom moved the stool from the living room, it tried to warn me by trying to push me over. Nowadays, I have also fallen into the habit.
2. Try to break some clouds: This is a strictly outdoor activity since clouds do not like to come in for tea. If you see some big cloud masses you can try to break them up. You know tear them apart and scatter them to the winds…used to be popular in the old Greek times when gods like Thor walked the earth.

Visit places

For those with restless feet (not the medical syndrome), the best way to start a morning is with a walk in the garden. If your garden is only 5 feet wide, you can boogie-woogie (zwxZpClqNk0) like the inimitable Michael Jackson or walk like a crow here and there.
1. Begin with the grocer’s and work your way up to Mars: It is a good idea to start small. Go to the grocery and buy a bag of vegetables. Or some eggs. When you are able to do this continuously for one or two weeks without suffering physical exhaustion, you can plan your trip to the Mars.
2. Take some money with you: Now this is where the sting is. Everyone wants your money and not all of them are principled in their demands. Some of them want it to buy sweets. Money comes in useful when you are stuck on the streets and sun begins to set. You are miles and miles from home and you do not have a clean set of clothes for the next day. Book into some hotel and spend the night there. Order room service and tell the bellhop to get you some ready-made shirts and pants.
3. Plan your family vacation: Family vacation is really enjoyable. Get together with your family and hammer out the list of places that most tourists have visited and come back alive to tell about it. Though this is not a dangerous vacation or leisure time management activity, you must check. You will find their reviews in the travel, planners online. Those who have not come back will not have written reviews.


There is more to life than just grinning and sleeping…ask my cat. Chasing birds up the garden path, playing with mice, chasing dragonflies…oh! The day is much too short. So let us get on with our vacation or leisure time management activity.
1. Gardening: This is a favorite vacation or leisure time management activity for most people. For gardening, they make a hole in the ground and mutter the magic words. Lo and presto! Within days there is a green worm crawling out to surprise you. They, they are not surprised. In fact, they planned the whole thing. So, gardening is a bit of magic. Gardens are green, garden produce things for your dinner plate. Gardens are peaceful resting spots. Your garden makes your home an oasis.
a. Summer plants and flowers for your home or kitchen garden: Petunias, zinnias, blue and pink calibrachoas and dragon wing begonias are some of the more popular summer flowers in most gardens. Eggplant, tomatoes, cilantro, greens, spinach and okra are good garden vegetable plants that you can grow right through the middle of summer.

2. Handicrafts: Handicraft refers to the method of creating unique items for personal use that may not be otherwise available commercially. These items include bags, hand fans, baskets, purses, slippers, hats, necklaces, stone and glass sculpture, wooden objects and figurines. Artisans who indulge in making handicraft items have training from special handicraft training institutes or acquire their handicraft technique from their parents in a kind of cultural hand down over time. You can obtain handicraft items from souvenir markets online handicrafts markets and tourist spots around the world. Genuine handcraft items are more expensive than cheaper duplicates. People and family members who want to learn this vacation or leisure time management activity must undergo training.
3. Wool gathering: This activity comes under the category of skilled work. Not everyone can do it perfectly…one has to do it repeatedly to fully get to the object of their quest. What that quest is remains the big mystery.

Learn some new activity

1. Play games: Everyone indulges in this vacation or leisure time management activity. This can take two to three versions – discussing the game, playing the outdoor game (some of it is discussed below) and playing online games on your computer or smartphone. Outdoor games include football, soccer, cricket, tennis, badminton, hockey and baseball. These games have been tried and tested for guys and gals in their growing stages of life and one sits back and laughs after they have passed this stage in life. It is a game and only those who have played the game will appreciate the excitement and thrill of laughing at the game players as they trip and fall and stumble and break their bones trying to catch the ball. A game is a game and the young ones deserve to play the game and find out how it is. Once you have grown old, you can advice the new game players about how to practice game strategies like sitting on the bench and giving your place to the next game player or volunteering to be the water boy.
2. Frighten your mother: This is fairly straightforward and the only one you cannot discuss this game with is your mother. You just have to play it and hope for the best. Also do not repeat it every day or else your home may be in an orphan’s institution. It is a slightly dangerous vacation or leisure time management activity.
3. Pull the cat’s tail: This does not have too many dangers associated with it except that when the cat is really high-strung, it may bite or scratch you. Pulling the cat’s tail ranks high among the list of vacation or leisure time management activity. You may have to take your cat along on your vacation for this.
4. Learn languages: This comes in very useful especially you have pulled the neighbor’s cats tail and he or she comes around to ask about it. You can use German, French or Spanish to throw a spanner into the works. Unless he too knows French or Spanish. Then you have to use your mother tongue and talk in native lingo. Always mark the time. They come after they have prepared lunch.

Time management

To round off this wonderful article on time management for your vacation or leisure planning we have some actual tips on what to do with time…that is still left over like it happens with cheese and messages.
a. Reschedule your daily routine: The idea behind this time management technique is this. If you get up late, skip washing your face and go straight in for brunch. If you are even more behind schedule, begin your vacation…you can get to your destination later.
b. Do some house repairs: You can mend the broken leg of the chair or the creaking window. Or you can think about how to do it.
c. Cut down unnecessary items from the schedule: Some cut off the cat. Some cut off the cat’s whiskers. No, don’t look at me…ah, as if you have never…
d. Gather more manpower if necessary: This is very vital when the cat is very hungry and resists your every effort to get it into the shower.
e. Check the clock: This is essential for every time management plan. Whether it is for your leisure or your vacation, keep the clock handy. You can throw it at the cat when it begins screeching at night.
After all this vacation or leisure time management activity planning if you have some time left over…go for a walk. Or go fly a kite. No, we do not supply kites…you have to catch your own.

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
5th May 2015 (#)

Snerfu, great article. I loved it. Checking the furniture! You are so funny! I'm not good at time management. I used to be good at that but somehow that flew right out the window. Now I'm lucky if I get half of what I want to done in a day. Writing takes up so much time.

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author avatar snerfu
6th May 2015 (#)

Women will be women. And that makes the world a safer place for us all. Just keep[ churning out those stories Nancy and you have done your part.
And don't trip over the furniture!

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
6th May 2015 (#)

Good post Snerfu. Time and vacation management for Wikinutters is like teaching old dogs (cats?) new tricks. Are they not busy posting articles, commenting and replying to them 24/7? siva

Reply to this comment

author avatar snerfu
6th May 2015 (#)

Siva, the idea does not stop...only grows. Being a writer does have benefits but sometimes we can become sluggish. That is why we need comments and with friends like you, Wikinutters have enough encouragement. Thanks for stopping by.

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author avatar Sherri Granato
6th May 2015 (#)

Congrats! Star pages are the best. We used to play games with our girls while on vacation. Adorably funny and creative post!

Reply to this comment

author avatar snerfu
6th May 2015 (#)

Thanks Sherri. I half expect to see a headless ghost pop out from under the chair when I see your photo! Good to have fun with the kids always.

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author avatar Ellen Lord
16th May 2015 (#)

Quite entertaining. Thanks for the grins

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