Understanding The woman

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She always eats outside home and there is a person in the house who was called her husband. He is a companion or mate or half better now a days. She does not give birth to anything but animosity vengeance and heinous crimes.

Understanding woman

They say that Alexander the great was often admonished by his tutor to keep himself aloof from the charm of the women. Being a very young ruler he could not help avoiding from the beauty. On the contrary he assigned one of his maid servants to coax and cajole the old teacher. The lady started her task. She hankered after the old man and with in a few days made him her staunch lover. The old man’s emotions were revived and a lust for flesh was created in him by the magical dallies of the dame. When the lady slave was certain that the iron is hot, she informed the prince Alexander. Alexander asked her to ride the old man .They fixed day and time for that purpose. The dame asked the old tutor to become a hobby horse for him and give her a ride in the room then she would fall in his arms. The blind emotions made him to yield to her demands. He was giving a ride to the maid servant when the prince opened the door and saw the sight with his own eyes. He asked his respected teacher about the situation. The wise words of the old man are the part of history when he replied that the sage and old person like him had become a prey to the woman.
This entire preface is to accept the generalization of the old man who could not save him from the woman. Woman is a quite unexpected type of person. Some times she seems a creature of another planet. Although she is complement of man yet she has become more than that, she does not like to be recognized as the complement.
It seems that she is the only living thing on the face of the earth. There were women in the old age who were mothers, sisters, daughters or sincere wives .Now a day these relations are considered obsolete and old fashioned. Ladies of the day do not like to be called sisters by strangers. Often they do not accept the role of a mother or wife. Man is not fool but is befooled by the women. From peon to prime minister they are afflicted, infected and impacted by the women. The irony of the situation is that they are considered aggrieved.
Woman has many kind of qualities .for us the people of the sub- continent they provide a pretext to the big nations to exploit us in the name of their rights. Discrimination against women is the net slogan to subdue the south Asians. They are abetted by a lot of so called feminists. I do not know why they call them as feminist? Our film makers, writers, producers and a host of others who want to earn fame and money via short cut play this role. Woman of today is not a sister mother or any other legitimate relation but love to be called as girl friend or mistress. She has become a symbol of sex or in other words lust.
Gone are the days when woman was found in house. Now she is found in ads, movies discos theatre or in the hustle and bustle of the city. Advertisements of our mass media are the obvious proof of my statement. A woman is present in the advertisement of each and every thing even of the loaders or trucks.
There was a shyness and innocent blushes on the face of virgins but now she has pair of sharp eyes and pink lips inviting for sin. Dresses she wears are just to mention or name it as dress otherwise only long shoes are there on the whole body of her.

She always eats outside home and there is a person in the house who was called her husband. He is a companion or mate or half better now a days. She does not give birth to anything but animosity vengeance and heinous crimes. Days are not far when she would try to alter her generic name “woman” and the feminist would fight for her to rename her according to her wishes.
Wait for that good time!!!


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author avatar Ivyevelyn, R.S.A.
14th Aug 2012 (#)

A very brave page, akram saqib. You might have stepped into a "nest of fire ants". However, you held my attention and I know you will be receiving a certain amount of flak so I will leave it there. You write well and I congratulate you for "dumping it on us!"
Your friend, Ivyevelyn.

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author avatar akram saqib
15th Aug 2012 (#)

thanks dear ,it is just humour

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author avatar Shaunak
16th Aug 2012 (#)

Nice page

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author avatar lastay
23rd Aug 2012 (#)

Good content, very funny

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