Trials of Online Dating

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My experiences with online dating and it has yielded so far

Trials of Online Dating

With some trepidation I have entered the realm of online dating again. I prefer to meet people face to face, however, the pickings have been slim. It seems the emotionally attached men (newly divorced) with kids, "steady" social drinkers or the consummate player/bachelors in this small town are, for the most part, what I come across.
Not that I'm against online dating, but the process of going through a menu selection process is different for me. You never know what you're going to get, just like those box of chocolates Forrest Gump talked about.
One online date that comes to mind; I came across a nice profile and we both decided to meet in New York City. After some conversation I started to get the impression that he had some ongoing complications since we was a divorced father of a child. It seemed to go well enough until it came time to pay the bill. He asked me to pay my half at the conclusion of the meal as if it were expected. I did pay since I was put on the spot and knew this would not progress any further. On to the next!
After a few more dates that fizzled, I took an extended hiatus after I met someone through a mutual friend. I went skipping along through the tulips for awhile, lost in the reverie of love until that came to an end. Fast forward to earlier this year and I'm back on the dating scene again.
Is it really 1 in 5 people who have started lasting relationships online as some ads state? Let's consider that for a moment. It could take corresponding with up to 20-30 people until you click with someone. What are the odds you will find that great match? I potentially might need to look over 100 profiles, some of which could be doctored up before finding some quality men. So far I've gotten various responses to my profile from mostly older men and some with unsettling or menacing photos posted up. The self portrait pictures from cell phones are offputting and profiles with a lack of introduction do not interest me. I will not even consider those without profile pics, since I'm not going for the "mystery" man.
I realize it is challenging for some men to talk about themselves and many prefer to be brief with such statements such as "More info to follow, or contact me to find out more".
I sometimes want to contact them and give them advice on how to present themselves in the best light. Maybe even ask them, "Take a good look at your profile. I mean, would you date you?" Then I would proceed to help them post a photo representing them at their best and other photos about their interests or hobbies. That just might be my calling, an image consultant!
As for me I present a refreshing and honest portrayal of myself and, yes, I would date myself. I initially did struggle a bit with writing an informative description of myself and what I'm looking for.
So in the process of studying various profiles, there was one in particular who had an interesting profile. After almost a month of e-mailing, and one IM chat, we haven't even spoken on the phone yet. With a little prompting, we were finally able to speak on Skype even though he lived half an hour away. Once we spoke a few times, I realized he was very shy, insecure and an introvert. It should never be a challenge to arrange a date with an interested man. I have learned that men are clear in their intentions when they want to spend time with you. In this case, it was an example of a great profile which did match up with the actual personality.
There have also been some humorous moments since. I received a message from a man-child half my age simply stating in 2 words "You're hot". He persisted on instant messaging me multiple times until I blocked him. I knew there was no chance of being a match with one so young. It did, however, remind me of my clubbing days though and that line worked on me when I was a few drinks in.
I receive a following message from another man with another 2 words "Marry me". I never expected to receive my first online proposal! Who knew it could be so easy? I sent back an equally witty reply and have not heard back from since.
Honestly I have not been proactive in pursuing online dating with these lackluster results. Now that I am busy with work I do come in contact with a good variety of people. I enjoy the process of meeting people and providing a positive experience.
I will still consider online dating however there is no urgency on my part.
It is something that works for some and not for others. I'll keep an open mind since I still a have just gotten on the saddle.


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author avatar Songbird B
7th Jun 2013 (#)

I enjoyed reading this and what a great writing style you have too Niki..Hope that the right one comes along soon..

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