Top 5 Things Not To Do If You Have Vertigo

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A humorous and educational look at vertigo.
So if you have been diagnosis with Vertigo here are some top 5 things you should not really do.

Top Five

What is vertigo you ask? Vertigo is the feeling and sense of the room spinning but you are not moving. You feel lightheaded like your tilting and falling. Vertigo is a condition not a disease, but it can be a symptom to a more serious condition, and many things can cause vertigo like migraines even stress. Vertigo can be a one time thing and never happen again or a lingering hindrance. Vertigo deals with the inner ear and our balance. Inside our inner ear are tiny crystals. If one of those gets knocked off it can send your world into a tizzy. So if you have been diagnosis with Vertigo here are some top 5 things you should not really do.

1.Climb winding stairs @_@ no, nope not wise.
2.Climb a ladder and tilt your head back to change a ceiling light bulb. My gods I have to have an angel by my side because that was just freaky to do.
3.Climb basement stairs drop an article of clothing and look down to see what fell not wise once again. My 5 year old heard me scream and ran to me going mommy you alright! I was and I caught myself and got my dropped article of clothing Yay! Next time though keep going reach the top look back down and go back down to get it. Talk about your near death experiences.
4.Did I mention climbing stairs? Ok you can’t avoid stairs totally but man I just took one step and started falling backwards! I know I’m not graceful but please gravity work with me!
5.Leaning over to reach something far away. You can do this just be careful and let it be know you can fall flat on your can.


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What about lifting my 10 month old grandson

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