Toddler Drinks Gallons of Dirty Bathwater and Lives

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My toddler is only 16 months old, but she's done some pretty strange things.

Babies can be so gross!

Well, it wasn't GALLONS, per se, but by the way she was gulping, my imagination kicked in, and that's what it seemed like.  Or how about the time my angel picked up a red wasp by the wings and played with it, and miraculously did not get stung? Of course, there's the proverbial eating dirt off the floor thing. I know you keep your house clean, but if there is one piece of debris on the floor somewhere in your house, your little schnookums will find it. One of my personal favorites is floor licking. When my daughter was around four and five months old, she loved to suck on the floor, especially the knot patterns in the laminate flooring, and she would try to clean out any available cracks with her tongue. And let's not forget putting her hand in doo doo before I have a chance to wipe her little hiney during diaper changes.  She has yet to eat a bug, thank the Lord, but she's only 15 months old, so I know it's not over yet. 

But for every weird, confusing, or gross things kids do, there are a million wonderful, adorable things they do as well, and that makes up for it. And besides, we've got to have stories to tell them about themselves when the grandchildren come along! 


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