Tips to improve one´s performance at work

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We can´t be branded as lazy sods if we take a break from work once in a while to have better performance.

Tips to improve one´s performance at work

The experts in sociology haven´t discovered anything new, I´d say.
My father, who wasn´t certainly a lazy one, admitted that getting up at around 10 in the morning, he´d do a lot more and better work than getting up earlier. It´s true. When one gets up at a reasonable time, one can cope with more work and have better performance that getting up early morning to start work straightaway and without a break.
These are some of the experts´tips for better work:
1. Talking with a work mate over a coffee. I know this. Whenever I had a brief tea break, a fag and a chat with any of my colleagues, I returned to my job as though I´d been on holidays.
2. No telephone calls or email answering before 10.00 a.m. If we do it before this time, we may find an awful lot of emails to answer in a rush and this will stress us out for the rest of the day.
3. Strolling for few minutes in the office. One´s boss will ask if we´re idling away and waste time, but we can tell them that we´re having a short break to think with a cold head.
4. Brief siestas. I´m not one for siestas, but for some people siestas are a must. They won´t go back to work, feeling well if they do it right after lunch, but a siesta can´t be longer than 30 minutes or, perhaps, an hour. Otherwise, it won´t be a siesta; it´ll be staying in bed.
5. Talking with work mates even if one´s working away. I also know this. whenever I worked with people and I had a chance to talk as I worked, we worked a lot better. If the boss told us that we´d work more and talk less, I always said that I didn´t need my mouth to do my work and that I could work better if I could talk with my mate. It was / is true.
6. Workaholics don´t work better, but they only stay longer in the office immersed in tasks. It´s what I said to a work mate that used to do a lot of over time against myself who stuck to my working day and I seldom did over time: "You don´t work more and better than I do, but you just spend longer hours in this place!"
Japonese people are the ones who have less annual holidays -mere twelve days! But experts are considering if they shouldn´t have longer annual holidays. Surely, they should! How can one enjoy a holiday on such brief period annually? I´m not surprised they´ve to go in a rush taking photographs here and there to watch the place at home. No way. An annual holiday can´t be shorter than a month and the more distant, the better.
Do´s and don´t´s when on holidays
An annual holiday should be to rest, relax and for a change of scenerio and people. It should be an experience to recharge our batteries for better performance on returning to work. Therefore, no mobile telephones or laptops. Why do we want them for if we´re far away to indulge ourselves with stunning landscape?
Instead of reading The Financial Times and stuff, we´re to read compelling novels and a bit of gossip won´t harm us. For this, the women´s weeklies are a good option while we´re on holidays.
They say that most couples split up after a holiday together. If they´re to split up it´s because their relationship doesn´t work at all whether during the year or on holidays, but best policy when on holidays should be two people won´t have an argument if the other doesn´t want to. It works if we´re determined to not arguing with the other.
Or, applying Murphy´s Law, if something has to go wrong. it´ll go wrong. How smart this Murphy was!
Aiming to laze for a short while doesn´t mean we´re lazy sods. It´s only that we´re taking our time to do things better and to be more productive. It´ll be a different matter if we spent our days hanging, banging and doing nothing all day long.

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