This is what we're left with now that Law & Order is off the air...

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In any profession, there are your aces and your duds. Then, you have the story of a lawyer who went into court unopposed- and still lost.

This is what we're left with now Law & Order is off the air...

Having kicked around the idea of maybe pursuing a business-related J.D. degree, when I saw this story, it made me glad that if I should gain that degree, I probably will not have to engage in any trial law.

Not that I don't think I would be a decent litigator, but just like seeing Evel Knievel crash his bike cured me of wanting to jump the fountains at MGM Grand, this story of legal prowess makes me reconsider standing before the bench arguing a case.

Well, got me. This isn't a story about legal prowess at all, as it turns out to be about Orly Taitz, a woman so delusional she should get her own reality show. Unlike smashing up a motorcycle on a stunt, this is a wreck that unfolds all day, everyday.

This time, the birther legal eagle managed to lose a case to an empty table. Even Lionel Hutz or the Hyperchicken from Futurama aren't this bad. Are they?

Last week, representing one of four plaintiffs in a case regarding President Obama's eligibility for placement on the Democratic ballot in Georgia, Taitz found herself facing off against nobody, as the President's attorney responded to subpoenas with a letter saying they would not be in attendance, as the presiding court had no business hearing the case, even if they did have jurisdiction.

Sucking it up as anyone would, Taitz and her colleagues proceeded with their arguments, requesting a summary judgment on the merits.

And the verdict. No case, no credible evidence, no law to support their claims. So in other words, no. Nope. Sorry. Denied. Rejected. Return to sender. Judgment for the empty table, er...the defendant.

Since daytime TV is chock full of courtroom shows, may I suggest adding this one, maybe this fall if everything goes right, and we can get Dr. Taitz on board. Every afternoon, she would present an argument in a TV court to a suitably TV-esque judge, and the defendant would be a empty table, save for a placard bearing the argument. It would be great. We'd call it Taitz v. ? day, it'd be Sasquatch, the next, the magic bullet theory or why they switched Harriets on Family Matters. Every once in a while, just to be fair, throw in one she can win, like Taitz v. Flat Earthers...maybe during sweeps.


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