Things Your Girlfriend Will Hate

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You may already know a lot about the things your girlfriend will love but what about the things a girl hate?

Things Girls Hate about

Your girlfriend may not a hateful person but she may just have a lot of hateful feelings. I normally don't use the word "hate" but tonight is just... one of those nights. I'm about to open up a bit, awesome stuff about girls that a lot of guys never knew.

Things girls hate about themselves!

1. She hate that she look sick no matter what you do.
2. She hate that she can't seem to get rid of her acne.
3. She hate that she can't ever seem to get her make-up right.
4. She hate how bony and how small she is.
5. She hate that she don't remotely have a figure.
6. She hate that she don't have an ass to fill out a single pair of jeans and it really hurts to sit for too long.
7. She hate that she can never find clothes that fit her right.
8. She hate that she can count her ribs in the mirror every morning.
9. She hates how small her upper body is. That's right. I said it.
10. She hates how everybody can look past her so damn easily.
11. She hate that no matter how hard you try, you are never good enough.
12. She hate when her friends and family tell me that she look good when she already know she don't.
13. She hates how clumsy she is.
14. She hate how often people tell her he is too small... She hates them saying anything about it!
15. She hate when people joke about how I look like I have an eating disorder.
16. She hate when people assume she is not eating.
17. She hate when people assume anything about her.
18. She hates how people always make promises and abandons them.
19. She hates how invisible she feels.
20. She hates feeling so helpless.
21. She hate when she can't get a proper tan.
22. She sometimes hates her entire body.
23. She hate that she really do hate herself.
24. She hates forcing a smile, but she does it all the time.
25. She hates spending every night at home alone.
26. She hate when the only time she gets invited anywhere is either because somebody is desperate or they feel sorry for her.
27. She hate when she even bothered to leave home.
28. She hate when she doesn't feel her own age.
29. She hates going to sleep because of her messed up dreams, but she hate waking up more.
30. She hates feeling unloved by everybody that's ever been in her life.
31. She hates her laugh.
32. She hates her voice.
33. She hate when people use her all the time.
34. She hate when she let them even more.
35. She hate when stupid people have more exciting and social lives than she do.
36. She hates cold. This snow needs to go away and stay away.
37. She hates always being compared to somebody else.
38. She may hate this house.
39. She hate that nobody ever starts up a conversation with her. You always have to start it.
40. She hate that nobody really calls her unless they need something anymore.
41. She hate that she is going to have to give up her dog to "you."
42. She hate that you didn't get a car because you made plans that never came true.
43. She hate that you made plans just for you to fall to pieces.
44. She hate that she feel people are ashamed of you (especially "you")!
45. She hates feeling stuck.
46. She hates feeling hopeless.
47. She hate that her picks of guys always wind up with her head so much.
48. She hates the word "love".
49. She hates the word "forever".
50. She hates always trying to be strong so you can stand alone. It gets really hard.
51. She hates the way she feel when you’re not drunk.
52. She hate that she can't wear a dress or a skirt because they look funny on her toothpick body.
53. She hate that everybody thinks they can lie to her.
54. She may hate her horrible town.
55. She hate that all of her friends seem to be more like part-time friends now.
56. She hates how many people walk all over her
57. She hate that you let your other friends walk all over her.
58. She hate that she don't know what happened to her boyfriend hairstyle.
59. She may hate her twin-sized bed. It's uncomfortable and entirely too small, and just reminds her in her sleep that she is alone.
60. She hate that there's no scenery here.
61. She hates this nagging feeling that she need to cry for no reason.
62. She hates the feeling you have right now of a massive weight on her chest.
63. She hates feeling alone in the world.
64. She hates the way her life's turning out.
65. She hate that there was no point in even trying.
66. She hate that she feel there isn't a point to anything anymore.
67. She hates feeling caged.
68. She hate that she can't get home on time.
69. She hate that you keep looking for ways to get home and she only find hopelessness.
70. She hates how much hate she feels right now.
71. She hates feeling hateful.


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author avatar joyalariwo
27th Jan 2014 (#)

Quite a looooong list you have about us girls Goodluck, but thank you for sharing!

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author avatar Legend
9th Aug 2015 (#)

Seems like severe bodydysmorphic to me - see a dietician!

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