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Run, hide, build shelters and...or is it a load of crap? Read on for my take on the subject.

Got me thinking

I was busy reading a piece on computer viruses and came across an interesting article about the famous Y2K bug that would affect all computers and software. It is just over 10 years ago now that we realised all those predictions were wrong (some precautions were taken though) and that when the clock strikes 12 midnight on 31 December 1999, all people will be running crazy, rioting, bank systems going haywire, power outages ect. Looking back at it now - it does seem a bit ridiculous! I for one wasn't convince back then that anything would happen back then, except for a few minor errors regarding some programs not being able to cope with the switch to a new millennium,(software mainly used the last 2 digits) But could be rectified with new codes and some clever minds.


Now to get to the subject i’m writing about. That piece i read got me thinking about this new 2012 predictions that the Mayan's predicted would happen. Awhile back not so long ago, no one even knew about this - that is until the people of Hollywood started to look for a new idea for a movie. And they found one, yes not original, but the part that they have going for them is the fact that this thing can/will really happen. Or will it?

My Believes

I for one again don't believe in any of this 2012 crap, although it is scarier than the Y2K bug. Surely it would have been brought up before the movie if people were worried enough, but my suspicion is it's the movie generating all the hype. I'm not saying the facts that they are giving is a lie, in fact i believe it because sure this star and that planet will align on this date and in this milky way and so on - but does it mean Armageddon is upon us. There's even a site (a few actually) dedicated to this future event that has a timer counting down our last few days on earth before doomsday. Check it out here - I believe we will be safe and hope if I’m wrong we will still have electricity and the internet so i can come back and edit this page lol.


What do all of you think, do you agree with me or do you think i need to open my eyes and start building a bunker as soon as possible? And that’s my view on this topic - and here's hoping we all survive the Christmas holiday of 2012 as well as we did this one!


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author avatar James R. Coffey
3rd Sep 2010 (#)

FYI: The Maya calendar does not predict the end of the world, merely a cyclical change.

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