The mole

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Joining forced with a cat can be a rewarding experience.

The mole

One day I noticed that whenever Pitou, our seven-year-old all-white Persian cat, went out into the garden, he would position himself at a particular spot between the red begonias. He would sit there, looking very intently at the soil. It occurred to me that he might have found a bug or something.

After three days, and several hours of staring at that particular spot, I decided to join him.

"What is it, Pitou?" I asked. "What do you see?"

How I wished that Pitou could have replied, because I really didn't notice anything out of the ordinary with the spot in front of him.

On the fourth day Pitou did more than stare, he began to dig in the ground around a small hole. Could this be the work of ants, I wondered? Day after day Pitou sat there, sometimes just looking at something, sometimes digging at something. I noticed that the hole had become bigger.

"Let me give you a hand," I said to Pitou, and made the hole bigger still.

Pitou promptly shot into action. He stuck his paw in the hole and reached as far as he could. After he pulled his paw out, he peered into the hole and reached in again and again.

"There must be something there," I said to my mom. "Pitou wouldn't make such a fuss over nothing."

"Must be," Mom agreed. "But who knows what it is. It could be a big spider or something."

A spider! I wasn't a fan of spiders, big or small.

"Is it a spider?" I asked Pitou.

His green eyes were focused and serious. When he reached in the hole yet again, I decided I had to know what was so fascinating. The hole was a reasonable size now, and if I laid flat on my stomach, maybe I could see something.

"Move over a bit, Pitou," I said. "Let me have a look."

I saw something all right, a pair of beady eyes that sent me scrambling to my feet in two seconds flat! If those were the eyes of a spider, it would be one huge spider.

"Leave it alone," I said to Pitou. "Just let it be. Come on, I'll get you some food." Ignoring me, it became clear that he would not rest until he captured whatever was in the hole. This time when he reached in, some soil fell back in the hole.

Suddenly, a bit of soil was promptly pushed back at us! Pitou looked at me as if to say, 'Did you see that?" I had indeed seen that. Spider or no spider, I was now as curious as Pitou.

As I began to make the hole bigger, I noticed some sort of a tunnel. Looking deeper into the tunnel, I saw what appeared to be a pair of tiny, black paws. This was no spider! Spiders didn't have paws with little claws.

Now that I had confirmed I wasn't going to come face-to-face with a creepy spider, I bravely reached inside and grabbed hold of the little paws. My grip was met with resistance, but I wasn't about to let go. Not when I was so close to solving this mystery.

I pulled, and moments later, dangling from my hands, was a small, black, terrified rodent of some sort. As I cupped it in my hands, I was amazed at its silky, soft fur.

"Look, Pitou," I said, crouching down to give him a closer look too, "It's a mole."

Pitou managed one quick, bored look with a sniff before slinking away. Because the mystery was solved, he had lost interest.

"What do you have there?" Mom said, appearing on the patio.

"A mole," I replied. "That's what Pitou was after."

"A mole!" Mom said. "Better get rid of it. Your brother is not going to like having a mole living under his flowers. Take it away!"

So I did. I placed the mole in a shoebox and took it to a nearby field. Moments after I had taken the mole out of the box and set him down, he disappeared. Hopefully I had saved him from my brother's anger. I doubt he would have fared well if he had developed a taste for begonias.


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author avatar C. Michael Davis
2nd Jul 2010 (#)

A great story. Conny may I suggest that you read "The Wind in the Willow". No I am not being sarcastic. With seven grandchildren I am re-reading many of the old classics from my on young days. What a joy to be reindroduced to our innosence and imaginations through reading. I really enjoyed this piece of work. Hope all ends well. Never try to take a shower with your cat as a means to bathe him. As a batchelor who never had a cat before, I made this mistake. He shredded me and my shower curtain.

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author avatar C. Michael Davis
2nd Jul 2010 (#)

I know I can't spell and by the way the event with the cat happened long time ago I am very much married now with five children and I was reminded by Lizzy that we have eight not seven grandchildren. Keep on writing.

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author avatar Conny
2nd Jul 2010 (#)

Hi C. Michael Davis. Thank you for your comment. I'm sure you have lots of fun rereading all the classics to your grandchildren.
Showering with a cat is indeed not the best idea.
If your grandchildren like cats, why not try 'Kitten Diaries', I'm sure you and the kids will love it. To sample the story, please visit

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author avatar Caveat
9th Jul 2010 (#)

loved it.

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