The War on Justin Bieber and Twilight

Benedict By Benedict, 28th Nov 2011 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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Brave resisters of the evil Bieber and Twilight "crazes"! (More like diseases!) Our time has come! Rise up with me as we destroy these abominable plagues and drive their followers into the sea!


Yup, folks, I've totally had it with these two ridiculous fads.

If people wish to worship Justin Bieber in private, that is their choice (or mental illness might be a better word). But the media saturation given to this kid is bordering on the insane. You know something has reached it's limit when more attention is often paid to it than the frickin' budget crisis! I mean, do we really need to hear 15 minute updates on whether Bieber fathered a child or do we NEED to hear about the cataclysmic state of the global economy. If you haven't noticed my capitalisation yet, I think the latter is far more important (and actually less damaging to my ears).

As for Twilight, don't get me started. No wonder people are saying kids just aren't as well-equipped in the English language anymore. If you religiously read the literary garbage/misused toilet paper that is Twilight, of course your mental faculties will decline!

The Beginning of the War

All worried parliaments and congresses across the world should enact "The War on Justin Bieber and Twilight Bill". This legislation will enable the preemptive detention of all those suspected of harbouring a liking for Justin Bieber and Twilight.

Those resisting arrest shall be dealt with by armed police dressed in themed costumes from respectable literary and film series such as Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings.


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author avatar Starr
28th Nov 2011 (#)

lol funny, but sadly true. :)

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