The Twelve Year Old Aeronautical Engineer

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Flight test in the school library goes wrong paper airplane crashes drawing the attention of my teacher.

Head Thumped for Poorly Timed Crash Landing

A trip to the library when I was in the sixth grade ended my career as an aviation engineer. My teacher Mr. Novak took the entire class to the library one afternoon. I don't recall the exact reason we were there but I assume it had something to do with checking out a book reading it and then writing a report on it. Whatever it was the rest of the class was totally absorbed in it and I fully intended to do it but I was busy right at that moment. I was conducting an experiment on the aerodynamics of a sheet of notebook paper when folded just right. It had actually been an ongoing experiment and I was sure I had finally perfected the fold. So this would be the day for the test flight and any book reports would have to wait. The library had a dozen or so round tables with four chairs at each table. I was sitting at a table with three other students. Mr. Novak was sitting at a table about fifteen feet away from me with his back to me. Everything was set for the test flight to start. The take off was perfect the plane gained altitude at just the right speed then leveled off as it passed over Mr. Novak's head. Then suddenly disaster struck. It made a nose dive straight down and crash landed on the table right in front of Mr. Novak. He reached out and picked it up then turned and looked straight at me. He stood up and walked towards me staring me in the eye. To this day some 45 years later I still don't know how he knew it was me. He walked up beside me. Neither of us ever said a word about it but he reached out with one of his gigantic hands. They looked like catchers mitts with fingers and his nails were thick and heavy and at least an inch wide. He held his hand close to my ear and thumped me on the side of the head with his middle finger. Then he turned and walked back to his seat and sat down never looking back or saying a word. He was obviously convinced that he had found the guilty party. I must have looked like the cat that ate the canary. I never figured out how he knew without a doubt that it was me. Ironically he was my favorite teacher. I think that's why I got off as easy as I did. He knew I wouldn't be conducting anymore experiments in class and it was just a case of temporary insanity.


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author avatar philpalm
6th Jul 2013 (#)

That was one thump that you will always remember.

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author avatar J.W.Bogart
6th Jul 2013 (#)

It's been 45 years and I remember every detail

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