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Just a funny story about two villagers giving a tribute to their king ......

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Two villagers waiting in the royal courtyard to visit the king, were talking to each other.

1st Villager: So, where is your village, and what tribute you have brought for the king?

2nd Villager: I live not too far from here. My vegetable garden has come up quite nicely this year, so I have brought a nice Bottle Gourd for the king. How about yourself?

1st Villager: The village I am from is half a days journey. As I am coming from such a large distance I had to travel light, so I have brought a cucumber from my garden for the king.

Soon, a palace guard came over and summoned the 1st Villager to the kings presence. The villager entered the kings court, saluted the king, and placed his tribute of a cucumber at the kings feet.

The king looked disgustedly at the tribute and went wild with rage. What? he shouted, How dare you insult me by bringing only a cucumber? I will banish you from the kingdom for your insolence but before that I will teach you a lesson that you will never forget!

So saying, he turned around and clapped his hands for the palace guards, who came running. The king ordered. Seize this man and shove the cucumber up his A**. Go at once!

The villager was taken to the dungeon, and spread-eagled on his stomach on a table, his hands and legs fastened securely. As the head guard carried out the kings order, the villager writhed in pain, Ah ah ah ah he cried, and then started laughing, ha..ha ..ha..ha.. For a moment the head guard was taken aback at the strange behaviour, but then he went on with his job. Once again the villager cried Ah ah ah ah and then started laughing ha ha ha ha

The head guard was puzzled, and annoyed. He shouted, You idiot! Are you mad or what, first crying, and then laughing? You must tell me the reason at once else I will chop off your head!

The villager said, My lord, I am crying because it is hurting like hell.

This I can understand. The head guard said. But tell me why you are laughing

The villager said, I am laughing, Sir, because the other guy has brought a Bottle Gourd ;)


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author avatar Songbird B
8th May 2011 (#)

LOL! Very funny! Thanks for making me chuckle... :~))

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