The Romantic Coincidental Comedy!

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When life gives you much more than what you expect from it and suddenly snatches it back, it hasn't got to always be sad, sometimes its just funny. :D

The romantic coincidence, part 1

Now when it comes to stories, Humor is my favorite. So let me tell you about the romantic comedy my life has been since I turned 25. The story is such that there has been no romance in it at all and it’s only me who keeps on laughing at my own comedy. That’s where I drew the Title of this story. So to not bore you up with any of my life incidents, here I am making an attempt to narrate a romantic affair of a friend of mine which turned out to be a funny one at the end. This friend of mine is a tall dark and handsome one who always took undue advantage of his attractive features. One fine day he needed to meet a client for his freelance project in a restaurant. He went to one of the tables and occupied it. The flirty dude stared around the restaurant for as far as he could to catch any sight of a beautiful face to keep him entertained for the rest of his stay. Unlucky he was this time as he was left with nothing entertaining to do but to wait for an unknown female face for a not so happening episode. He then wore his desktop glasses and bore himself in his tab. After about 15 minutes a sleek figure seemed to be approaching his table and an alert resonated into him. As a reflex action he stood as the lady reached his table, both exchanged smiles and shook hands. The next statement from the very stunning lady who seemed to be dressed more for a date than a meeting was “SORRY”. The apology was for being late which was forgiven with a psyched up “That’s completely fine”. The girl was a chirpy one and kept cracking on topics one after another. My incurably romantic friend kept enjoying it till it struck to him that they were conversing about everything but work. That’s where the charm got broke and he surprisingly burst in between asking the Girl about the forte she would like him to write on. The girl got somewhat perplexed but replied “ I love Romcoms”, and there it popped, another enchanting topic to get flown away with. The seemed to love every bit of it, they seemed to have clicked, they were already, almost in LOVE..

When it turned not so funny..

All this went for about an hour when all of a sudden my rapt friend’s phone beeped and got disappointed by not being paid any heed. Another beep and this time it got lucky for the phone but not so much for the phone owner. It was a text from “Why didn’t you turn up? My phone got left at home by mistake so couldn’t call”. Trashing down came his whole dream world. What was going on? Whom was he talking to from about more than an hour if it wasn’t his client? All the questions cracked up all together making him burst out awkwardly, “who are you? “. “I am the grooviest gal you could have ever come across”. “What? cut the crap and tell me what are you here for?” The all so charming, flirty, cupid struck guy seemed cynical suddenly. “What’s the matter with you?” asked the annoyed pretty lips. Both of them stood silently bewildered for complete 2 minutes. What came up next was underwhelming. The girl wasn’t the expected client and the guy was surely not the suitor she came up to meet and hook up with. “But how can you be so dumb to have mistaken me with somebody else and where’s your guy?” was my friend’s next odious statement. The actual suitor still waited at an another closely named restaurant while the two befuddled. All was explained and sorted but the fact remained same it was a coincidental accident or serendipity may we call it.


Romantic Coincidence, Romantic Comedy

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