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Everybody wants the truth, but does "everybody" always want what naturally follows after the truth, which is honesty. Lies may be told to avoid it, games may be played to get around it, but it always there: Honest reality. That is what this article is about.

Nothing from nothing means nothing, got to have something

I "lifted" the title line of this section from a Billy Preston song from the 1970s. Forgive me if it reads a little bitter about meaninglessness, but what I mean by that line is "Life has to have honest meaning if it is going to get anywhere with me or really, with anyone."

The logical line of reality is to avoid it in a procrastinating way that is "truthful". No matter how hard or easy it is, it is always better to be honest and real because nothing from nothing means nothing, got to have something, if you want to really make it in reality. Wasting time is the worst trick you can play on yourself, because you only really trick yourself and nobody else.

When I think of the President John Fitzgerald Kennedy assassination, I think of how that is honestly real. I mean, who are all those government commissions fooling by "hiding the truth"? I wonder. Ever since it happened, everything was suspected including the men on the grass knoll who made sure that young U.S. President died in case Oswald could not complete the task, if you know what I mean. Please note, though: I am mentioning this as a historical reality often speculated upon with the realities hidden of it, not as something I know the facts about. There are so many speculations on historical events like this, that one of the speculations may be accidentally and honestly right.

Speaking of governmental historical events: "Deep Throat" finally revealed himself as William Mark Felt. As you know "Deep Throat" was the man who spilled the beans and spoke honestly about the President Richard Nixon/Watergate Hotel Burglary scandal.

I mention these two real events to say, honest reality cannot be hidden forever. Sure, it can be obscured, ignored, played games on, but "nobody really gets away with nothing" or as Plato said in essence in addition to human nature cannot be trusted to do the right thing: The human nature that cannot be trusted needs to learn its lesson until it can be trusted ultimately. This is where Plato drifts into Aristotle's territory, but he is right. It is almost like Dennis The Menace in the Hank Ketchum materials saying, How come dumb stuff seems so smart while you are doing it?"

The day human nature gets it right is the rejoicing day when human nature will have something that means everything.

Show me what is worth money; Do not just show me the money

I lifted that title from a scene in the movie "Jerry Maguire" with actor Tom Cruise. Honesty that is honesty is worth all of the money in existence, for truth without that honesty and all facts avoided is nothing but a dead lie.

Show me what is worth money! Do not just show me the money! If Rod Tidwell, actor Cuba Gooding, Jr. in that Tom Cruise movie had it right, that is what he would have done from the start. When I think of the magic of believing, belief and fact work together in exponentially powerful ways. But, belief without fact backing it, means nothing, it is the most genuine of lies. Am I telling a funny story here? Maybe. Maybe not. But, reality is funny. It is there when the facts are there, and not there when the facts are not. Just like real money in the economy: Money backed with value makes an economy. Empty money that is printed is worthless, no matter what we may get told.


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