The Most Unusual Hit and Run Accident

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A true story about a friend's automobile accident in Ireland.

A lovely driving holiday.

My friend Clare had an unusual car accident many years ago.
It was during a driving trip to Ireland. My friend Clare rented a car in Dublin and was enjoying the wonderful scenery. It was a bright clear day in the summer and Clare and her twin sister were enjoying the drive. They encountered many small herds of domestic animals; sheep, goats and lovely black and white cows.
The general rule is when a herd is crossing the roadway; you just stop the car and let the animals cross. In one particular crossing there were a herd of black and white cows, so Clare did the normal procedure; stopped the car and let them cross. Strangely there was one very large black and white cow that didn’t seem to want to follow the herd and decided to just go her own way. She calmly proceeded to climb up the hood of Clare’s rented car and walked over it to get to the other side.
Clare and her sister were simply stunned but could do nothing in order not to spook the rest of the herd, so they sat in their car and watched as the cow joined the rest of the herd.
Needless to say there were great big hoof prints on the hood of the car.
The funny thing was Clare making out an accident report that asked for the make and model of the vehicle that caused the damage to her rental car. She stated that it was black and white; there was no place in the paperwork where she could say that it was a cow.
I guess that it was an unusual occurrence even in Ireland.
Funnily enough, even years later when I accompanied Clare on another driving tour of Ireland she still got a little nervous whenever she saw any black and white cows.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
21st Jul 2013 (#)

These incidents leave their mark in our minds too! siva

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author avatar Songbird B
14th Mar 2014 (#)

It is indeed the most unusual accident I have ever heard of too! lol..Great share of this amusing story Georgia..

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