The Long Con that is John Edward

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A critique of one of my favourite shows: Crossing Over with John Edward

John Edward and his questionable techniques

With all the seriousness of life, I regularly watch TV to get my mind off things. To be more specific, I’m a sucker for reality television.

However, I’m beginning to notice a few discrepancies about some of my favorite shows:

One of them being Crossing Over with John Edward.

For those who don’t know, John Edward is a “psychic/medium” who communicates with the deceased and passes on their messages to their surviving loved ones. From time to time, John Edward will say some wise words and things of that nature to give hope and inspiration.

Give or take a couple of changes, this is a typical COWJE episode:

John Edward (JE): "I'm seeing an old man...he has a loving, sincere look in his eyes. His name starts with A, no, B, no, C, no DEFGHIJK..."

Audience member (AM): "My…my grandfather's name was Kevin!"

JE: "Yes, Kevin, that's it. He had a lisp, right?"

AM: "No."

JE: "No I made a mistake; it wasn’t a limp!"

AM: "He... sometimes walked with a cane, so I..."

JE: " YES, THAT'S RIGHT; HE WALKED WITH A CANE SO HE MUST'VE HAD A LIMP! He wants me to tell you he loves you very much."

John Edward isn’t very specific with the messages he receives from the people who passed over. He’s just saying some generic things and someone in the audience just happens to agree to it.

Another thing that bugs me is that all his messages were basically “He/She loved you” and the audience member replying that “He/She was a good person”.

You mean to tell me that every person who passed on that John Edward communicates with was a saint?!?

I doubt that.

Keep in mind that this show got more seasons than Firefly, Deadwood, Carnivale and The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

His studio audience might think that the things he does are miraculous but I think the real miracle is that he got more than one season doing the same damn thing.

Trust me folks, if you’ve seen one COWJE episode, you’ve seen them all.


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I never really believed in watching mediums/psychics but this was an interesting read Memba Ben.

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