The Last Week of 2012

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Keeping a journal is very therapeutic and centering for those who take the time to complete an entry on a regular basis. Here is an example.

The Last Week of 2012

The benefits of keeping a journal enriches hindsight in ways that are totally unimaginable! First of all, keeping a journal is very helpful to maintaining focus and improving memory in the present. Secondly, recording your thoughts, experiences and insights on a consistent basis has far reaching benefits to understand one's self exponentially!

Example of a week of Journal entries

Monday, Christmas Eve

This was the best Christmas Eve ever! For one simple reason, the world did not end on December 21st as some has posited due to the Mayan Calendar not having a December 22nd on it. Wow! Was I influenced to believe the world would end? No way, however, I was worried about my friends and acquaintances who might feel some anxiety in this regard. I felt it was really important to reach out to the young people that I knew. Doomsday rhetoric effects them more negatively than older ones.

So, my Christmas Eve was dedicated to these young adults - so I wrapped Daily Planners for them for the year 2022!!

Tuesday, Christmas Day

So, there I was with all my skinny Christmas presents for everyone I knew...everyone got the same thing, but my main recipients were those in their 20's... Imagine my surprise when EVERYONE burst into tears when they saw the year on the planners. Some dropped the planner as they cried out loud, while others hugged the planners to their chest and just mourned soundlessly. Me? Oh nothing, I thought I might just faint...that's all... Who knew?

Wednesday, Post Christmas Day

I didn't sleep overwhelmed by the response to my Christmas presents. I was nervous... Were the tears of joy or despair? I didn't know. I accepted all the hugs and kisses, but I was anxious because of all the tears, it was unsettling to say the least. I wanted there to be peels of laughter radiating throughout the house as the year 2022 was realized on the covers. Instead there was weeping, crying, gasping while planners went everywhere from bosoms to the on Wednesday, I was on pins and needles. Had I just alienated everyone who loved me and everyone I loved?

Thursday, The Last Thursday of 2012

I have been avoiding phone calls and emails all of yesterday. I don't want to be told off. Well, I just don't want to face the music for what I did. I meant no harm, but, oh my goodness! By 9:00 am, it was time to pay the piper...there was a group of my friends standing at my door with Starbuck's in their hands along with my planners. This is it! They are going to kill me - maybe?

I answered the door and mouths smiled and eyes beamed at me and I was so surprised and relieved! Melanie was the first to speak as she barged her way into my house.."Coletha, you are such a wonderful person, I love my Christmas present!!"

You could have knocked me over with a bag of golden dollar pieces! I was rooted to the spot! What????? is all I could think...I was in shock!!

Melanie stated how amazed she was when she saw the year 2022 on her planner and everyone else chimed in with similar sentiments! My heart filled up with joy and made my boobies into size 40 DDs - okay not really - but I felt REALLY wonderful! I had eased their hearts after all! Now it was my time to cry. I was the one amazed, so glad I had not caused them more sorrow somehow...

The last Thursday of 2012, was a great one. I made lasagna for dinner and was so worn out I went right to bed without washing any dishes...but with gladness in my soul.

Friday, The Last Friday of 2012

I am watching CBS This Morning, as I wash the lasagna dishes from last night. The sun is just rising over Seattle at 7:41 am... The news is covering the Fiscal Cliff and the price of milk doubling to food safety concerns...For me personally, my life has ALWAYS been over the Fiscal Cliff, I am Black (not African American - you have to graduate from a historically black college to be one of those) and have NEVER even seen the Middle Class, they are like Bigfoot to me. As for food safety concerns, I have never eaten "safe" food. I have lived in Black neighborhoods where ALL the food is stale and sub-par including the milk and the meat. So, I watch the beginning of my Friday with boredom...

Still, it's only 7:45 am...there is lots of room for improvement! What to do for this last Friday of 2012? Well..I giggle at the prospects! You can never tell in life so expect the unexpected! It will be better than you can imagine!

Looking back...what was I thinking?

Reviewing journal entries shines a light on internal terrain. For some, this may be painful but for others, very illuminating!

Some may ascertain how the vibe of the journal entry is happy, positive, forward thinking, far reaching and/or pragmatic! Some may need to visit their priest for confession! Some may not even have been "themselves" and are completely taken by surprise by the words that were written in a journal...

This is why I am all for journals, not just as something that is done, whenever and where ever but more of a daily and end of day occurrence. Does keeping a journal ward off mental illness? I would say no because I do believe that what is meant is what will happen. Does keeping a journal give a written record of possible mental, physical or other types of concerns?


Happy journal entries!


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