The "Forrest Gump Game"/"Lieutenant Columbo Game" of living life

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It's a funny thing, but as I was thinking up this article, it came to me that some of the greatest geniuses when met on the street seemed pretty unimpressive to those who walked by them in the time they were alive. I mean, even Albert Einstein was a patent clerk, and Jesus was a carpenter. When you give the past in that sense thought: Hindsight is perfect sight, and foresight is pure myopia/nearsightedness.

The impressive life

You know, the "rich man who can put on a show" is not always impressive. But, the genius hidden in the back room doing everything genuinely can be. Heck, that is what Albert Einstein was before the special theory of relativity was published, and before James Jerome Hill became a empire building railroad owner, he was just a telegraph operator, another sleeping genius, if you know what I mean and balding on the top of his head at that. My point is not to say that appearance is everything and the key to greatness. My point is to say: Look deeper at those who are in the background. If you look, at the very least, the genuine impressiveness will start to become more apparent than if you just go by surface values.

All surface values are really good for anyway is to impress at a base level, not go any deeper. If you want to go deeper, go by what is not obvious, what is within. Sort of like not going by what apparently is going on, but sensing with intuition what is really going on. You know, some of the weakest people see life as a lark with only surface value to it. What is on the surface does not matter to some of the strongest and most intelligent people. In fact, they seem counter-intuitive.

You know, the best ideas are the most ingenious, sure. But, have you ever thought that real ingenuity does not look like genius, but when it is completely new, it looks sort of crazy until the great results from that ingenuity or genius are in reality there. Results make the impressive life.

The real winners

The real winner is the person who can create results, not put on a show of "greatness". You can quote me on that one and I do mean great results also. When I think of the genuinely great things and inventions in life, they seem normal and unimpressive now, right down to the telephone, the light bulb, the wireless cell phone, the tablet and television. But, once upon a time, such great inventions were impressive and unbelievable though. The "unimpressive" and strange at the time of invention people behind that stuff are the real winners, not the marketers and game players who exploit and suck money off of the "greatness of greed" meaning making benefits off of what they once saw as abnormal or unrealistically new if you know what I mean. The real winners are the dreamers who come up with new ideas that become the genuinely normal and massively accepted.

Now that you have an idea of who the real losers are:

Now we get there in reality: To the place where the really impressive winners and genuinely big players reside. In the "seeming losers" circle. Let me explain: See, envious and "normal" people go by surface values and ordinary "realities" that do not count for anything except a show of force that impresses like a Las Vegas floor show would a complete idiot impressed by pure spectacle. No, when I say "seeming losers", I mean the people who go by genuine results instead of a pure show or spectacle.

Reality comes down to what the results are, not what we can boast. You can quote me on that one too. As Napoleon Hill said in essence, "Tell the world what you are going to do but show it first." I get the import of that quote. What do you think Elbert Hubbard's "Message To Garcia" was really saying anyway. Get results, impressions will come later.

Like the fictional Lieutenant Columbo got results and then impressed everyone after he got them with his genuine intelligence and genuinely quick enough wits to know how to show what he can do first and then tell the world about it. Same with Forrest Gump, although he had somewhat skewed self-esteem. That is the size of reality really, the real winners do the deeds and then make the impression, not make the impression and then "try" to do the deed. After all, what do you think it really means when it is said that "the meek shall inherit the earth" at the very least? The genuinely meek who put results first and impressions last ultimately win everything, really, when reality is really thought about deeply.

So, my personal story before I end: I am not out to impress, I am out to get genuine results and then make a genuine impression. That is the bottom line, and that is the reality it all comes down to for me.

I may:

I may scrape, and bow and be a total genuine gentleman to the end, but like I said, I let my results speak all the volumes and realities I need them to speak. I do not seek to make an impression, I seek to be what I genuinely want to be first. I may seem goofy and awkward at times, but in the end, I would rather let my deeds do the talking and speaking instead of boasting and hyperbole. I would rather look weak than actually be weak. For strength comes from strategy, and honest strategy is always the best strategy instead of trying to put on a show before the results. Look at our United States President Donald John Trump and his whole cabinet. I admit that I voted for him, but that is part of what inspired this article. Never go by the show, go by the genuine results. This last few lines is a case of "physician heal yourself", but how else is there to learn but through experiential understanding anyway? Honesty makes better people, understanding and honesty makes genuine perfection, especially if the lessons are learned well. I may not get it all, but I get it enough to say: I learn from my mistakes in just this way. I May be Forrest Gump personified, and Lieutenant Columbo in real life, but that is the best thing about me, I am willing to let the results speak and the show rest until the results speak. I am willing to learn from all of my mistakes, and better myself in the process. I am not afraid to be honest with myself and everyone who needs that honesty including you and me. Now, I am not saying I do not play poker, but I am saying that I do what I need to do to get great results, regardless of if it looks good or not. That there speaks it all that I want to say here.


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