The Farce at a Funeral

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The gang and I attend a friend's funeral and things do not go as expected

The time my friends and I broke funeral etiquette

Someone I knew fairly well passed on thanks to a drug overdose and out of respect, I (along with a couple of friends) went to his funeral.

I knew him via the job I had previously worked (was a guard at a dodgy casino) and while he was addicted, he had heard about me deciding to clean up my act and had wanted to do the same. Apparently, he wanted one last hurrah before he started his road to recovery and took way more than what he was used to.

All things considered, while he had his demons (don’t we all), he was a good person who just made a bad decision that cost him. That’s just how life is.

The guy wasn’t particularly religious but his family was as the funeral was held at his local Lutheran church. When we got to the venue, the gents and I went to pay our respects to his family and took our seats.

Before the service, quite a bit of music was being played as it was mentioned that the guy was a music lover but it wasn’t the sort of music the guy would’ve listened to. While he was more of a hip hop head, the service coordinators were playing gospel hits and such. On top of that, the music wasn’t actual recordings but they hired a singer and pianist to do the job.

The funeral began and truth be told, it wasn’t entirely truthful. While the dude was cool and all, he wasn’t a saint but because nobody wanted to say anything bad about a person who just passed on, the folks came up and spoke about the guy as if he was the second coming of Mother Theresa. The service continued on in this vein till it was time for the proceedings to move to the graveyard.

Now, during the sermons and such, the pianist was playing a low medley but as the ending was drawing near, the pianist was progressively raising the tempo and the volume till he broke into Josh Groban's “You raise me up” with the singer soulfully humming along.

Naturally, the casket was the first to be led out and while it was being carried out; the singer began the first verse of the song. Next up was the family leaving but while they were being led out the church, this guy went all in like he was in the finale of a talent show.

While the audience was sniffling, and the pianist playing his heart out; the singer (with veins popping out his neck and sweat pouring down his face) went full Josh Groban on that bitch.

“You raise me uuuuuuuuuuuppppppp…”

Now until this point, we were all quiet and silent in respect of the setting but when I heard one of my friends muffling his laughter, another started cracking up. I just kept on telling myself that I shouldn’t laugh as it was a funeral, and managed to hold on long enough till the second time the chorus was being played:


Many older folks in the crowd were moved by the performance and were crying and shit. I myself couldn’t keep my composure any longer and soon enough, I was in tears but it wasn’t tears of joy or tears of sadness; it was tears of laughter.

I think what made the situation worse was that while I was trying to be discreet about the laughing; my friends are very boisterous by nature so they were just laughing wholeheartedly while the poor singer continued the Josh Groban act.

Thankfully the family was gone at that point so while my friends did get a couple of death glares, they just laughed it off. In hindsight, it might’ve been distasteful but we were young and dumb. And having known the guy, he would have probably laughed.


Funeral Service, True Story

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Who knows? Maybe he was laughing right alone with you? Good story?

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