The Comfort Tree

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An amusing encounter of the same kind with the same feeling.

The Feeling is Mutual

Immediately after my high school graduation I found a job as a census enumerator in a remote village in southern Philippines sponsored by the Bureau of Census of the national government. After a day's work I have to hike about 3 kilometers from the village where I worked to the town, and another 2 kilometers to the village I lived.

One afternoon, after a tiresome day’s work, as I was hiking towards home when I felt my tummy grumbling. I have eaten plenty of jack fruits offered by a very kind elderly woman whom I interviewed. I got indigestion. There was still another kilometer to reach my village. I was in a big trouble.

The place was an open corn field. It was prepared for planting that rainy season. I looked around for an area where I can take cover. Something inside me is ready to burst out. Fortunately in a distance was an old tree which was wrapped with vines. It was about 4 meters high. It was a perfect place to answer the call of nature.

I made my steps faster but I couldn’t run. I was like a walking explosive. While my right hand was clutching the 2 envelopes containing my important papers, my left hand was also holding my ready-to-burst ass. When I was inside the shaded canopy, I put my envelopes down, unzipped my pants, and pulled it down hurriedly, squatted immediately and let go the inevitable explosion. It was not long to let loose those unwanted elements of nature. Smooth as silk. I got one blank form and used it to clean myself. I eased myself from the horrible feeling. I felt relieved.

I was about to stand up when another invader came. She was a woman much older than me. I didn’t know how to react. I was completely taken by surprise. While inside the area, she turned around, unzipped her pants, pulled it down, squatted and let go her own version of explosion. She was also in a big trouble like me. I was just partly covered by trunk of the tree and some branches from hanging vines. Right in front of my eyes, I witnessed one of the most amusing real human acts I ever saw.

When I knew that she was through with her ordeal, I made a soft sigh loud enough for her to know that she was not alone. Immediately she stood up, pulled her pants up, zipped them up and dashed out of the comfort tree.
Relieved from discomfort and totally relieved of the feeling that I was not alone, I emerged from the comfort tree with much comfort.


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author avatar Jiggsm
13th Nov 2010 (#)

Amusing stuff. Keep it coming!

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author avatar christopheranton
13th Nov 2010 (#)

Funny, but a bit gross for my taste.

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