The British Stone

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Don't you love the Brits? Sometimes the non-metric unit is the best!

The British Stone

I live in Hong Kong (a former British colony) for 18 years and never heard of the British using stone as a weight measurement until I stumbled upon a British show called "Supersize VS Superskinny". The show basically pairs up an overweight person with an underweight person, and bring the pair to a feeding clinic where the two will live together for 5 days and swap their diets under supervision of a doctor. In the show, they always use "stone" when they are talking about weights. One stone is basically 14 pounds. In a country where they are using metrics for most things, they still commonly use stone when it comes to weight measurement. I can't help thinking to myself: Man, the Brits are simply genius! I think using this non-metric unit for weight measurement is awesome for a few reasons:

1) It's confusing enough that people cannot tell how heavy/light you are. Can you imagine going to the doctor and having this conversation?

Doctor: How much do you weigh?
Patient: 14 stone and 7 pounds.
Doctor: Ugh?

2) Well, using stone will give people the chance to do some multiplications (multiplying by 14 is not as easy as multiplying by 10!)

3) It's simply hilarious.

Friend A: How much do you weigh?
Friend B: 14.5 stone
Friend A: How big of a stone are you talking about? LOL

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