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Is fast paced living doing our heads in? The next time you feel your blood pressure rising over something stressful, take a deep breath and count to ten. Modern society will reap the benefits!

Temper, Temper

Flip through a newspaper nowadays, and headlines of road rage, plane rage, even supermarket and videogame rage will leap out at you. No doubt, all this is due to stress. Modern society, being as fast-paced as it is, is stressful to the extent that nobody over the age of six is immune from it, in one degree or another.

Woke Up On The Wrong Side Of Bed?

Did you ever have a rushed start to your day, because your alarm clock didn’t go off and you jumped out of bed an hour late? After being forced to skip the shower and forgo breakfast, maybe you got caught in a traffic jam and arrived late at the office, to not-too-welcome sight of an irate boss.

Perhaps half of last month’s salary had to go on a major, unexpected car overhaul, or you sacrificed the whole of last weekend working your fingers to the bone, to beat a last minute deadline. Maybe rain had you stranded in traffic for the best part of the morning before you finally got to school, after much anxiety and nail-biting, only to find it was closed!

You Make Plans, Fate Screws Them Up!

Life doesn’t always go to plan and it’s no wonder that sometimes it has us ready to hit the roof. So when Fate throws a spanner into the works, how do we deal with the aftermath?

The only way to lead a relatively stress-free life is to remember that we cannot control events that happen around us (or to us). Nor can we control other peoples’ actions (no matter how much we wish for super Jedi mind powers to do this).

While we can’t control outside influences, it’s crucial to remember that we can control how we choose to react to these daily trials and tribulations.

Staying Calm In Traffic

Take the traffic, for example. Some of us will curse, engage in rude hand gymnastics and glaring contests, or call our fellow drivers every creative name in the book whenever they pull out in front of us unexpectedly, fail to signal, or remain stalled at the traffic lights, picking their noses, when the lights flash green. Meanwhile, the more Zen-like members of our society may choose to take a deep breath and count to ten, rather than speed up, risk an accident and jeopardise their blood pressure.

Staying Calm While Parking

How many times, after having futilely circled the Mall parking lot and finding not a single vacant spot, have you felt tempted to launch into an expletive laden tirade and start banging on your steering wheel, cursing the car in front of you that always seems to get the recently vacated spot? After having finished your mad rant and frightening the kids in the backseat out of their wits, you may regret it and think twice about repeating the performance next time. The process of calming oneself down after having engaged in such a heart-pumping display of fury, is easier said than done! And it can ruin a precious weekend with the family.

Life can be like a bad joke when you’ve forked out two dollars for parking, only to waste half an hour in a car park that is already full to the brim. Or when you discover the ATM machine is out of cash on Bonus Day, after half an hour of queuing up.

Perhaps it’s occasions like these, when, short of turning green and splitting your pants, you can no longer prevent yourself from turning into a stark, raving lunatic in public. (Much less care who witnesses your display of fury).

Life's Little Stresses Leaving You Frazzled? Don't Be!

Does getting caught in tricky situations give us an excuse to behave badly when things don’t go our way?

If raging and moaning is how we choose to deal with everyday hassles and inconveniences, how can one expect to get through life without paying a bigger price?

No, I’m not talking about your sanity, (although some may have paid for their stress with theirs) - but health. Cancer, insomnia, ulcers and everything from headaches to heart disease have been found to be caused by stress.

Be forewarned then, that habitual yelling, banging, and blaming other people for your miseries, could eventually get the better of you!

Instead of grumbling to your friends about how much you detest your job, try making some inner changes to help you better deal with your job stress.

Instead of cursing your car because it costs you five hundred dollars a month in loan repayments, it’s better to start being grateful that you have a car to get around with in the first place.

As corny as it sounds, by plastering a smile on your face the next time you find yourself turning a deeper shade of purple, can work wonders on your rage. Experts suggest that pretending to be calm and happy is the key to achieving calmness and happiness. In other words, fake it to make it.

Apart from an attitude change, listening to calming music and yoga are also said to be effective stress-busters. The sea air, a cup of hot tea, and a rib tickling comedy or a short walk, work like charms too.

Many of us in today’s world live day-to-day, in a constant angry and stressed out state of mind, ready to pick fights at the drop of a hat.

The next time your blood begins to boil and you feel the urge to unload your fury and frustration onto innocent, unsuspecting bystanders – take a deep breath and count to ten.

Remember to be aware that there are more sociable ways to overcome teeth-gritting situations than lashing out.

Master your emotions rather than let your emotions rule you, and you just might save your sanity!


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