The American College Football Baby

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Something special happens when a baby is dressed in college football clothing. Learn what can happen to a baby when college football is involved in their life.

The American College Football Baby

Some strange things seem to happen when an American parent dresses up a baby in college football attire. What you are about to read should make you think about what might happen to a football baby. This information is not based on any physiological study or scientific facts. However, the thoughts given here might just add a smile to your family’s life and create some memories to make your life better.

The Family Bond

The bond between families does not seem as strong as in the past. Back in the old days most folks lived in rural areas, passed the family farm on to the kids and we did not live in a global economy so much. Family roots were deep in the same location where everyone worked and played together.

When a college football outfit is put on a baby a mysterious bond is created. That baby will feel a tug in their heart years later because of that original football team outfit. Even if they move many miles away roots are created. In addition, a warm feeling of being part of a group that is allowed to yell and act out of control watching games is encouraged. This bond can create a close family forever.

Plays Well With Others

Watch a college football game on TV or attend a game and you will see kids with their family or friends. They learn the spirit of competition. There is no holding in anger that can contribute to psycho brain problems in the future. A healthy way to express emotion is learned.

Occasionally a conflict with someone from the other team will arise. The kid that was given a school color from birth knows God wants their team to win. They know there is no reason for violence because God is on their side. If their team loses they learn to play well with others because God gives us trials sometimes to see how strong our character building skills are.

Really Good Parents

Next time you see a child in a college football outfit consider that they had a family that cared about them. Their parents will probably encourage them to attend the college that provided them warm clothes early in life. They will be interested in an education because of the fun environment it showed them early in life.

A football baby knows God is on their side, has learned how to manage their anger by expressing emotions openly, and has developed skills of how to play well with others. Not only that, but they learn how to deal with problems well because sometimes we lose no matter how hard we try and that is OK. A football baby picture offers a good life story. You probably just thought the football baby just looked cute.

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author avatar Joyce Singha
13th Sep 2014 (#)

Nice one Bill. I don't know if all the yelling and shouting and cursing is going to be good for the football baby (according to whiny liberals of course); for me, it's great :)

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
13th Sep 2014 (#)

As neither my wife nor I are sports fans and hate it when parents over obsess about sports (to the point I have seen videos of kids crying when their favorite team looses) I as fully prepared to dislike the article but you do make some good points as relating to the spirit of College level footbal

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author avatar Retired
14th Sep 2014 (#)

I come from a long line of crazy, avid, wonderful football fans. Bonding, bantering, smack talking, and learning life lessons are what it's all about. Fun article, Bill. Go Gators!

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author avatar Lee Hansen
14th Sep 2014 (#)

Bill this was a nicely written article. I know about those babies because ever since I was a child our whole family were avid fans. More importantly we created special memories when we watched it on television.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
14th Sep 2014 (#)

Nice post and one of a kind too, cheers!

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author avatar snerfu
16th Sep 2014 (#)

Yes, there is something unique about school colors. Sports is a dimension that recreates opportunities and that is why they are so popular.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
24th Sep 2014 (#)

I think sports bring people together working in teams and hope they take that precept into their lives...thank you my friend...

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