The Advenutres of Boo as told by her Mother

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Stories about the humour in everyday life with a toddler nicknamed Boo.

The Adventures of Boo, As Told by her Mother – The Beginnings

Boo as we like to call her, often has extraordinary adventures although to you or I they may simply be called ‘errands’ and seem commonplace and boring but to a one year old they are nothing less than adventures.

Now you may ask how the nickname Boo came to be and if you ever told her I would deny it until I was blue in the face but when Boo was just a baby I lovingly called her a little Booger one night when she absolutely refused to sleep more than seven minutes at a time and hence the nickname has stuck ever since.

Now Boo has the unfortunate fortune of being ridiculously cute, and why would this be unfortunate you might ask? Well I doubt the ‘overly friendly’ ladies (and some men) at the grocery store would gush uncontrollably over a homely baby, they might mutter a quick Gah! Or Goo! And be on their marry way but Boo is so undeniably cute she makes even those women who have sworn off children forever (which is their choice) suddenly ovulate and look for the next eligible man.

So you’re probably thinking you’re biased you’re her mother you have to say these things (which may be true) however I have overheard people talking about her sheer cuteness; her amazing long eye lashes (of which I am truly jealous), her huge blue eyes, her long golden streaked hair, button nose, and chubby cheeks with the perfect amount of baby fat.

God the thought of her becoming a teenager already terrifies me so I prefer not to worry about it yet.

The Adventures of Boo, As Told by her Mother – The Park

There is a large park in my city with swings, slides and different sizes of jungle gyms and climbing equipment, it is always rampant with little children, so one day Boos grandma drove us all down there.

I pushed Boo on the swings while boys twice her age swinging beside her cowered in fear and demanded out, Boo was indifferent.

I lifted Boo up and let her go down the slide. Boo was indifferent. I climbed up the twisty turny slide and slid down with Boo in my lap, Boo was indifferent.

So we sat on the bench for an hour and Boo calmly watched the children run back and forth.

On the way to the car we took Boo to look at the ducks she pointed at a seagull but otherwise was indifferent.

We buckled her into her car seat and she started squealing happily. She was dancing before the radio even came on. I guess we never had to take Boo out of the car – the rest was just filler.

Authors Note: If you enjoyed this short story be sure to check out: The Adventures of Boo, As Told by her Mother – The Beginnings

The Adventures of Boo, As Told by her Mother – The Grocery Store

Boo is generally quite shy except for when she is in her stroller maybe its that small amount of plastic than encloses her gives her a new found confidence whatever the reason her shyness disappears and so does her silence around strangers as she squeals either LORDEE LORDEE or DADDEE DADDEE quite loudly. I can’t help but laugh while pushing her through the grocery store as everyone turns at the sound of her and they smile once they see that infernal racket is coming from Boo.

So today we’re in the checkout line and Boo purposely throws her sippy cup on the ground and before I get a chance to pick it up it rolls right into the back of a ladies bare heal. Ewww. I look at Boo and she just smirks, along with a lady in the adjacent line who witnessed it all.

The women turns around when something wet touches her heal I apologized and she said it was fine she thought a puppy licked her foot or something. Well thank god for diaper wipes clean that taste of foot right off there.

I think Boo gets bored waiting in the shopping line because a couple months back I was loading our stuff onto the conveyor belt and Boo just reaches over all casually and slaps my butt. I didn’t know what to say and didn’t want to call anymore attention to the fact that my 10 month old just slapped my butt but gosh it made me laugh out loud.

Misconceptions of Boo

That if you hide behind your hands then no one can see you.

That baby noses ‘beep beep’ and adult noses go HOONK HOONK!

That going #2 is called the ‘Poop – A – Toots’ (I thought giving it a cute name would make changing diapers better and well it didn’t hurt)

That brushing your teeth simply comprises of sucking all the toothpaste off the brush.

That a couple of star shaped puffs will fix all that is wrong in the world.

Socks are just toys you wear.

Pointing gets you everything you want in life.

Food is best shared when it has been half eaten twice and spit out.


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