Ten Local Holidays That Should Be National Holidays.

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Tired of the normal holidays that only seem to stress out both you and your wallet anymore? Here is a list of new holidays that should be made into national holidays that everyone could enjoy!

Needed Holidays!

Normal Holidays
Holidays are a time for celebration, remembrance, and they are an excellent excuse to call out from work the next day. The holidays that are celebrated nowadays are still great in their idea, but are starting to become more and more commercialized for the profit of companies. It is extremely frustrating to be hearing jingle bells on the way to go trick or treating. As a result, the rising amount of holiday advertisement is raising the stress levels of the people celebrating the holiday. With all of the major holidays being strangled by deals, sales, and most of all stress, I think it might be a good time to introduce a new set of national holidays to celebrate. These holidays, however, are not times for shopping or planning, but a time of relaxation and laughter to ease the normal stresses of life. With some searching of the internet, I have found there are many holidays that are celebrated locally and I thought it would be fun if everyone could enjoy them in their lives. After many hours of searching, I have picked out some of the best and, without further delay, here is the list of ten local holidays that should be national holidays.

January 28th: Kazoo Day
Kazoo Day. Nothing would make any day any sweeter than walking down the street kazooing "zippity do da" on your brand new kazoo. There are a couple good reasons why this would make a great holiday. With it being so close to Christmas, it would not be hard at all finding an excuse to get a new kazoo for everyone in the family. Also, the time after the holidays is sometimes referred to as the "post-Christmas slump." This is the feeling we all get realizing that the holiday vacations are over and that there are still eleven more months until Christmas again. A nice little kazoo solo can surely fix the slump and brighten your spirits up enough to allow you to continue on. Overall, It is safe to say that some kazoo playing can let you relax a little and have a little musical fun.

April 18th: High Five Day
Germaphobes beware. The high five is one of the most common and simple actions a person can perform.This common gesture expresses joy, pride, and approval to the other person you are giving a high five to. It is used so much that it has branched off into popular culture as a greeting action along the lines of shaking hands. Because giving a high five is so popular, a holiday based on giving a high five to everyone you meet would be a big hit for children and adults alike. It just will allow people to be friendly with peers and others and let some of the fears people have about strangers disappear. I mean who does not like high fives?

May 3rd: Tuba Day
Now Tuba Day is a day most people would not expect. What's so great about a tuba you ask? Well for all of you that have been in a marching band, then you know exactly why they should be celebrated. However, for those who have not been in marching band, here are a couple reasons why the tuba should be celebrated. A tuba requires the most energy to hold and to play in a band. A typical tuba weighs 25 pounds and normal breath of air can only give you about 5-8 seconds of a note. Also it covers up half you face with the bell. Have fun not seeing out of your right side ever. Finally, they always get a bad reputation as large sweaty kids who are nobodies. That is not true and they are highly unappreciated for what they do. So this is for all the tuba players in the world. Oh and by the way, yes, they can play more than the jaws theme song.

May 4th: Star Wars Day
For all the Star Wars fans out there, this is a dream come true. This day is guaranteed to be filled with movie marathons and Darth Vader costumes. "Luke I am your father" will be said more than hello in some places. Honestly, this is a day to allow everyone to let out their inner nerd and share this common love for sci-fi we all have. It just gives us the chance to part ways with everyone saying "May the fourth be with you."

August 8th: Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor's Porch Day
Does this holiday really need any explanation on why it is so awesome? If you have cool neighbors then it can be a funny joke to play, or if you have evil neighbors, welcome to your day of revenge! This is a great holiday to practice your acute ninja skills you have been fine-tuning all year and it is all in great fun. Plus zucchini sales will go up giving a nice little boost to the economy and the vegetable industry. Just keep a lookout though, don't turn your back, because you could become the victim!

September 28th: Ask A Stupid Question Day
One of the most popular statements teachers say to their students is "There's no such thing as a stupid question." Let's find out! While the premise of this holiday seems pointless and immature, it kind of really makes us think what is and isn't a good question. Ignorance isn't at the fault of the person unless it is wished. So this holiday would be a great day to ask everyone around you silly and stupid questions to find out what really is a stupid question and is it possible?

October 2nd: Name Your Car Day
Now reading that title may have made you have three reactions. Either you think it is a good idea, a stupid idea or you are saying "Thank goodness i'm not the only one!" Well whichever response you had, there is a statistic that is quite shocking to most people. Studies show that 53% of people who get a car, name it. So actually, this isn't really making a brand new holiday as much as just catching up the rest of car owners into the rewarding habit of naming your cars.

October 31st: Increase Your Psychic Powers Day
I know you were just wondering if there ever is going to be a day where you can get off work and get a chance to Increase Your Psychic Powers. Well look no further because here is your chance. It is even more fitting that it is on Halloween night. Is there a better day to tap into unknown and creepy forces that help your psychic power? Maybe this idea for a holiday is a little too crazy. Or maybe you just haven't found your powers yet...

November 3rd: Sandwich Day
Now before I talk about this potential holiday, I would like to make it clear that their will be no "make me a sandwich woman!" jokes on my part. That is because I believe the power of a good sandwich should be available to everyone so that everyone can take part in this miracle food. No other food can really compare to a sandwich that is well made. It's for that exact reason that there should be a national holiday recognizing the all important sandwich that we ALL love.

December 16th: Chocolate Covered Anything Day
This one is for every sweet tooth in America. I'm 100% sure that if you like candy then today is your paradise. It would be a day where everything you can think of is covered in chocolate. What more could you need? Although i'm sure the depression rates of dentists will go up 600% on this holiday, but it is a small price to pay for all of your chocolate covered snacks.


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author avatar Steve Kinsman
11th Jan 2013 (#)

Very cool and creative. I enjoyed this a lot.

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author avatar Retired
12th Nov 2015 (#)

I thought every day in the States was a National Something day anyway!

I'm a bit worried about Ask a Stupid Question Day. I understand the notion that no question is stupid, but this is either true or it isn't. If it is true, then there won't be any candidates for 28th September. If it is false, then people will feel constrained about asking questions on other days, just in case they really are stupid and should have been saved for late September!

Or is my raising this issue an example of the latter?

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