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This is a funny story about a telephonic conversation between a man and a woman.

How a person talks with a telecaller

Hi, Who’s this?
Sir, I’m Sulekha calling from Pony-tail Company. May I …
No! Please No! My wife will kill me!
What!! Sir, I just want to talk with you for five minutes. May I?
Okay! But promise that you will say the truth!
Of course Sir. Now let me tell you the amazing fact that my company is giving a wonderful offer to its customers. You can transfer your prepaid connection to a postpaid one, only against INR 100! This offer is only valid for today!
Are they stupid? When someone is getting money in advance, why should he/she wait for payment after service? No, no this is utterly foolish!
No sir! My company wants to have a strong and permanent relationship with its customers.
Tell me clearly, are you mobile service provider, or matchmaker?
No sir, trust me, I’m calling from Ponytail company!
Okay… but let me ask you, why is your company giving this offer only for today? Is it your birthday?
No, Sir. There is no such reason…
No, no, there must be a reason! It must be someone’s birthday!
No, Sir. Actually my company wants to provide more facilities to its customers.
Why on earth will they do so?
Sir, customers are God for the company, that’s why. So, you are taking the offer? When should I send our executive?
Wait, first tell me, who are you? Are you the wife of the owner, or sister?
Sir, I work here.
Oh, you work there! So, how could you know such updates, which offer is being given? Do you eavesdrop? Do you stealthily listen to the conversations of your employers? Very bad!
Sir, we have been informed by the company itself!
Oh, and now you are blowing trumpets everywhere! How could you know that the news is true? You should have verified first! Very bad! You are behaving like my old aunt Sujata!...Listen…hello…hello…nobody there!!


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author avatar Arundhati_India
17th Jul 2016 (#)

My heartiest thanks to the Moderator for publishing my first page in Wikinut! Feeling excited!

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
18th Jul 2016 (#)

Agreed, some of the offers do not seem logical; obviously with strings attached - siva

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author avatar Arundhati_India
18th Jul 2016 (#)

Thanks a lot for your comment Sir!

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author avatar Asha Desh
25th Aug 2016 (#)

Liked both your articles. You show a wide range ,from humor to seriousness.
Keep on writing !

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author avatar Lesa Cote
31st Jan 2020 (#)

Thanks for the telemarketing blog. You can also check

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