Strange and Weird Laws in the United States

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Listed here are 15 strange and weird laws still around in the United States today. Some real crazy laws are included in this list.

Some Crazy Laws.

Strange, Crazy and Weird Laws in the USA? While most of us follow the law on a regular basis and do so without much thought, there are some locations in the United States where you could be arrested and/or fined for some very weird laws. Be careful when traveling through these locations if you are violating any of these strange and weird laws....

1.) Wilbur, Washington -- Illegal to ride an ugly horse down the street.

2.) State of Virginia -- Illegal are corrupt practices or bribery by anybody besides candidates.

3.) Birmingham, Alabama -- Illegal to drive a car when you are blindfolded.

4.) State of Arkansas -- Illegal to mispronounce the state name "Arkansas".

5.) State of Massachusetts -- Illegal for a pet goat to wear trousers (pants)

6.) State of Minnesota-- Illegal to dry both men's and women's underwear on the same clothesline.

7.) State of Delaware -- Illegal to pawn your wooden leg.

8.) State of Ohio -- Illegal to fish, hunt or trap whales in any Ohio river, lake or stream.

9.) Washington D.C. -- Illegal to be fishing while on horseback.

10.) Jefferson City, Missouri -- Illegal to anchor your boat to the railroad tracks.

11.) Lexington, Kentucky -- Illegal to carry an ice cream cone in your pocket.

12.) State of Oregon -- Illegal to towel dry your dishes, they must be drip-dried.

13.) Santa Ana, California -- Illegal to swim on dry land.

14.) Hartford, Connecticut -- Illegal to educate your dog.

15.) State of Kentucky -- Every person in the state must take a bath at least once a year. Failure to do so is illegal.

There you have it, 15 very strange and weird laws in the United States. It is good to see that our taxpayer's money is going to fund these great laws, right?


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