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Pop sensation, Rita Ora's fear of toilets was made public in the media as a strange phobia. Here I explain my five 'strange' phobias and how they affect my life.

Top 5 Strange Phobias

Pop Star beauty, Rita Ora recently revealed her strange phobia of toilets, fearing that something is going to jump out on her. Here are my Top 5 phobias which my peers find strange.

1. Never Pick The First Or Last From The Shelf Whenever I go shopping, I will never ever pick the first item from the shelf, fridge or the top item from the freezer. In my mind, because it's so exposed, I feel it has been tampered with. If there is only one item of whatever I choose to buy on the shelf I won't purchase it either as it feels as though no one else wants it, so it is rotten goods and I don't want it neither.

2. Sharp Knives Should Always Be Out Of Sight Sharp knives lounging around on kitchen work surfaces or facing upwards in a sink full of washing up bring me out in a cold sweat, with the fear a nasty accident will take place. I only have four sharp knives in my kitchen which are repeatedly accounted for. If one is missing I cannot rest until it is found and placed safely away in the cutlery drawer. When washing up, knives are the first things washed and must be faced down in the cutlery drainer.

3. Belly Buttons/Navels As a young child I used to suck my thumb and twiddle my belly button so much that it ended up sticking out. Since growing out of my habit, I can only touch my belly button with a flannel, sponge or cotton bud for cleaning and woe betide anyone who touches it, including my children. I can't fully explain this phobia, but my navel feels delicate, the sensation of it being touched or stroked is not pleasant for me and I fear it getting infected. I don't like touching other people's belly buttons either. Cleaning my children's were a nightmare, I half expected them to drop off in my hand.

4. The Dark OK, I admit it, I'm a big baby and I'm scared of the dark. Ever since I was a lil' girl, I've always liked to have a little bit of life in my life. It is terrifying for me to even attempt going to sleep in a dark room. Objects move (in my mind) and if they don't, I'm fearfully waiting for them to and thoughts of the living dead take over me. I think this fear stems from my grandmother's ghost stories. Also, since my hearing impairment, my eyes are my ears. In a dark room I'm blinded, deaf and out of control, with no sense of direction, bringing on a huge panic attack.

5. Animals I like animals, they're cute, interesting creatures but keep them away from me. Watching them, on TV, in a tank, a cage, from a distance is as far as it goes. I don't want to stroke no lumpy pet rabbit or no sly cat that could easily scratch my eyes out. Animals smell and they have awful toilet manners. They feel horrible and as we never know what they're thinking, I always think whichever animal is near me may be in a bad mood. And I don't want to get bitten. I own two tanks, full of fish and a small fishing net so my hands will never have to come in contact with them. My daughter yearns for a pet rabbit, guinea pig or hamster. I told her she can have a whole pet shop... when she leaves home and lives in her own place. If she can prove to me she can take care of it herself and a far reach from me I may consider it. Argh!!!


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author avatar David Reinstein,LCSW
23rd Oct 2012 (#)

The specific phobias are so vast... the unrealistic fear of something (a 'phobia') can be ascribed to just about anything. For example, consider Phobiaphobia: The fear of fear ...or, Logophobia: The fear of words :-}

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author avatar John Connor
23rd Oct 2012 (#)

This is good. Keep it up.

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