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In the last century this piece of advice was given by an old philosopher who while traveling the world shouted the following. “Give a man a pint of beer and he will drink it. But teach a man to brew, and he will rule the world.”

The wonders of beer

Beer has been with us for hundreds of years and has over time gained many strange and wonderful myths. Beer in the past has been used to cure and reward people from around the world. It has also been given to travelers, soldiers, nursing mothers in hospitals inns and monasteries. Beer was deemed pure much saver than water to drink and of great nutritional value. Below are just a few of these amazing statistics, stories and facts.

Frederick the Great

One man Frederick the Great was so angered when his subjects started drinking coffee he was heard to say. “It is disgusting to note the increase in the quantity of coffee used by my subjects. It seems to me everybody is drinking coffee, this must be prevented. My People must drink beer”.

Good King Wenceslas

We all know the Christmas song Good King Wenceslas written about a King who ruled in the 10th Century. Well, he wasn’t such a kindly old man as we were once taught. He did in-fact order the death penalty for anyone caught exporting cuttings from any Bohemian hops because they were so valued.

Drunken ants

Beer has even been used to study ants. John Lubbock a noted naturalist who lived in the 18th century completed an experiment to study the intoxicated behavior of ants. He was amazed to note that drunken ants were picked up by fellow ants and carried back to the nest while drunken strangers were thrown in a ditch.

Munich Germany

In the 19th century nursing mothers in Munich Germany would drink up to 7 pints of beer a day under the belief that this was required to breast-feed there children. Unfortunately for them this would not last as in 1876 the Munich Health Department decreed that only 2 pints were necessary.

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin a true lover of beer stated his fondness for beer in his 18th century Poor Richards Almanac stating, “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”

King Hummurabi

One of the oldest laws in the world to be passed is related to beer and ladies beware. King Hummurabi one of the old Babylonian Kings passed the following law. He decreed that each person was to have a daily ration of beer, this amount determined by their social status. He then went onto say that women would be drowned if they served bad beer.

England’s Bard William Shakespeare

Ever wondered why England’s Bard William Shakespeare wrote so well but had such bad handwriting. It might be because his father John Shakespeare was appointed as chief ale-tester for the borough of Stafford-upon-Avon in 1556. During the Elizabethan era beer was tested by pouring beer onto a small wooden stool, once done the ale tester would sit on it, if when he stood up the stool stuck to his leather pants it meant the beer had to much sugar in it and the poor landlord would then lose his license.

The Ale Conner

The Ale Conner tradition was first started in England in the 11th century by William the Conquer, and is said to be the oldest public office in the country. This tradition is still carried out every July in the City Gloucester England.

Berserkers or Norse Warriors

Ever wondered where the word berserk comes from. Vikings would consume buckets of ale before heading into battle without their armor. These Norse warriors or Berserkers gave rise to the term “berserk” indicating frenzied fury.

Campaign for Real Ale

Real Ale is so well thought of in England that in 1971 a society was set up to protect and to promote the appreciation of traditional cask-conditioned real ales. The organization CAMRA also campaigns against brewery take-overs that would lead to closures and the loss of traditional beers.

Hope you have enjoyed this lighthearted look at the wonders of beer and think of me when you have your next Pint.
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Again a fantastic piece of work dear Steve! I am happy that I am following a proper person! I am sure I will raise a toast for you when I will have my next beer in the remebrance of this wonderful article! Thanks !

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