Split AC and Taliban

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It is humorous piece of writing from my point of view.
‘’A split Ac very hot and blazing outside the house and very cool working with remote control inside the house’’

Husband and Wife

‘’A split Ac very hot and blazing outside the house and very cool working with remote control inside the house’’
A friend of mine sent me a sms which he often does. His messages are often thought provoking and make me to learn something. I always ponder over his writing. His thoughts are always inspiring and provoking! He informs me about the world of jokes and tit bits. He sometimes sends messages as are creepy and messy like Tom and Jerry. These are sometimes tricky and terrible. His messages are a series of cartoons in the form of words which reminds me Pink Panther, Donald duck, Hackle Jackal, Scooby Doo and Richy Rich. All his shenanigans I bear with forbearance and patience.
He keeps me update about the mobile world. He is so fond f sending messages that he sends even the promotional material sent by the mobile companies. It is my habit to read each and every bit sent by my friends because friends are everything to me. It bothers me in a way but amuses me in another sense that he cares for me and spends a few pennies on me daily. I know he purchases bundles but it is his dignity which is often target of fun for other intimates.
This time it was quite different and against all my expectations and estimates. On reading the lines sent by him his personality became a beacon of light for me. His stature increased as he is Goku of the Dragon Ball z or a Superman, Spiderman or a Batman who is saviour of the downtrodden and common folks which are under a cloud.
The message goes as under:
The husbands are like a split Ac very hot and blazing outside the house and very cool working with remote control inside the house.
I felt ashamed when I pondered over his words and I castigated myself as I was just like this. Very cool and automatically remote controlled inside the house but very angry and self opinioned outside the house. I was hiding myself from his eyes when one day I saw him in the market. I connived at his presence and changed my way. That day I was more shameful as I felt myself unable to see eye to eye with such a wise friend.
I was in the same kind of thoughts when message tone interrupted my thoughts. It was also from him. I was not willing to read such nasty messages but could not help reading because it was my second nature. It was because I fulfil my wish of using mobile phone by listening only and reading others messages. I never dared to call my friends as my wife has punctuated full stop over my wish of calling or writing a message.
The second message relieved me from the agony, my conscience was feeling. I felt like escaped prisoner of David Daichesc and once again I was the same resonant and stubborn, moody person in my own eyes and outside the house only.
The second message was, ‘’ Wives are just like Taliban, Conversations are impossible with them and no operation is successful ever against them.’’
I laughed in my sleeves and understood the whole status of my friend. He was like the same person who was standing in a separate row when a majesty king has ordered all henpecked person to make a queue. The king was surprised to see him alone in the opposite line. King asked him if he was not afraid of his wife. The innocent person told that he did not know about that. He was standing there because his wife has ordered him so.
O, great Split Ac my dear friend. You have revealed a great truth to me about you and me.


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