Spider attacks and hunts bug, epic battle

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Bravery... who has bravery? Bravery to face one's enemy? Braveheart maybe?

Well, Braveheart, eat your heart out, because there's someone else who is very, very brave! I am of course referring to Bug the bug.

Spider attacks and hunts bug, epic battle

It all started one day when Brownie the brown widow spider was hungry.

But he didn't think he'd be hungry for long... for he senses that there's someone else in the basin that he's finding him in.

He can already taste the taste in his mouth... delicious, tasty, gooey bug meat! Yeah baby!

Now, all he has to do, is go go hunt Bug the bug. After all, how much trouble can it be to hunt a bug? Only as much as it is.

And so, Brownie screamed his attacking chant, "Chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarge!!!" or something along those lines, and stormed towards Bug the bug.

Bug the bug wasn't in the mood to fight. Bug the bug is taking life easy. All he is concerned about is getting out of this basin he finds himself in. If only the sides weren't so smooth. What kind of manmade world is this where there is no roughage in the texture of something?

Good thing that there are these clingy spider webs spun over the surface of this basin, thinks Bug the bug. These help him get a foot hold. They're actually a little bit too sticky, but he'll handle it.

And then, terror befalls Bug the bug. Brownie the brown widow is upon him.

What is this spider's problem? Is he going to eat a bug this much bigger than him?

Next moment, Brownie throws Bug the bug over onto his back.

A skirmish follows, the likes of which has not been seen since... whomever boxer type person was in the ring with somebody who was equally matched.

It's a spider eats bug world out there, but Bug the bug believes he can hold out as long as it takes. He never bothers to defend himself though, while Brownie is attacking him mercilessly, at some point even biting his foot! What is this; wrestling?

Well dear reader, you yourself may witness this battle here.


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2nd Nov 2015 (#)

Interesting Post!

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