Something To Think About Concerning The Wonders Of The World

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I am adding my 2-cents concerning my take on the Wonders Of The World.

In The Beginning

The Holy Scripture book of Genesis (KJV) describes how God created everything seen and unseen. This includes the earth and everything on it, in it, and under it.

Thinking Out-Of-The-Box

Since God is sovereign He can do as He pleases and answers to no one. When He creates something, where is it written that what was created must be "new"? Could God create something with "aged properties"? Of course He can!

God's Ways Are Not Man's Ways

God's motives and actions do not have to conform to man's supposed logic. There are more things that exist and are invisible than exist in the visible earth realm. Also there are many things that are visible and may not truly be what they appear to be.

Addressing Some Of The Wonders Of The World

Like many people, I am often fascinated by televised documentaries concerning many wonders of the world that were supposedly constructed by various civilizations many thousands of years ago. The Great Pyramids of Egypt and the Mayans architectural wonders along with Stonehenge are some of these world wonders to name a few. The enormity and scope of these massive projects boggles the mind and to add to the confusion, they were using primitive tools and engineering methods to complete these works.

Using our "advanced 21st century technology" and current engineering methods, it is highly improbable that those past projects could be duplicated today.

There are those who would suggest these projects were assisted by "other worldly help" or aliens. There is no evidence to support this notion. When man cannot readily come up with a logical explanation to cover a situation, speculation tends to run from one end of the spectrum to the other.

Continued Discovery

Man is still in a state of infancy concerning this earth and all it contains. We are constantly "discovering" something "new" everyday. We will not really scratch the surface of true knowledge concerning our planet on this side of Heaven.

What If? …

Our God has a sense of humor and Scripture states that laughter is good for the body and soul.

What if the "wonders of the world" were created by Him in the beginning as "stage props" to gauge our reactions? Just a thought … (smile)

God bless America, our troops and leaders and I pray the same for Israel.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
2nd Mar 2014 (#)

There are several wonders of the world, the wonders of the ancient world are the ones most talked about but I also like the wonders of the natural world. I do think though,that God had a better sense of humor than some of his followers.

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author avatar Rubinstyn
2nd Mar 2014 (#)

Thank you Mark for the moderation and I also appreciate your comment. Amen and Amen.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
4th Mar 2014 (#)

Nice read!

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author avatar Rubinstyn
4th Mar 2014 (#)

Thank you for reading and commenting, Fern.

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